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Annual Radiation Safety Refresher Training

Description / Purpose:  

The purpose of this page is to provide NMSU radiation workers with one option for completing the Annual Radiation Safety Refresher training mandated under the NMSU Radiation Safety Program.  This training consists of completing an exam which covers basic radiation safety topics that may include:

  • Overview: NMSU Radiation Safety Program

  • Natural & Artificial Sources

  • Radiation Terms & Processes

  • Biological Effects

  • Principles Of ALARA

  • Radiation Exposure & Contamination Control

  • Ram Source Security

  • External & Internal Dosimetry

  • Basic Radiation Dose And Contamination Surveys

  • Radiation Detection Instrumentation 

  • Emergency Spill Response

  • Radioactive Material Shipping & Receiving

  • Radioactive Waste Management


Exam Instructions: 

To receive credit for fulfilling the annual radiation safety refresher training requirement, complete the exam and send the signed exam via campus mail to Rad Safety, MSC 3578 or scan the signed exam and e-mail to David Schoep (, Radiation Safety Manager.  Your test score will be e-mailed to you and the permit holder.  To pass the exam you must score 80% or higher.  This is an “open-book” exam meaning you can use any reference materials you choose.  Links to the exam and key program documents / reference training materials are below:


Radiation Safety Refresher Exam

NMSU Radiation Safety Manual

NRC Regulatory Guide 8.29 Instruction Concerning Risks From Occupational Radiation Exposure

NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13 Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure


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