Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required by law to be provided at no charge by manufacturers or vendors of products containing hazardous materials (some products are exempt). MSDSs include information on chemical composition, exposure limits, potential health effects, first aid procedures, personal protective equipment requirements, and spill / leak procedures. symbol2d.jpg (32303 bytes)
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MSDSs may be obtained in the following manner:

bulletThey may come with your chemical order. NMSU's Purchase Orders require that the supplier include the MSDS with the order.

If they aren't with the order, perhaps they were misplaced or sent separately to accounting, you should be able to get a copy by contacting the manufacturer, vendor or representative by phone or via fax. Often the customer service will gladly send or fax a copy for their product, if you simply can tell them the product name and/or code number.

bulletHere's a few phone numbers for suppliers that will provide MSDSs by fax or mail for their products upon request:
bulletJT Baker:  (908) 859-6974 
bulletBoehringer Mannheim Co, Indianapolis, In 46250 (317) 845-2000
bulletCHEMTREC, (800) 424-9300
bulletDelta Biologicals, Tucson, AZ 85714 (602) 745-7881
bulletDifco Laboratories Inc, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, (201)847-6800
bulletDetroit, MI 48232, (800) 521-0851
bulletFisher Scientific: Pittsburgh, PA 15205, (800) 766-7000,  Note that Fisher's Fax on Demand System lets you request MSDSs for Fisher and Acros Organics products--faxing the sheet back to your fax, 24 hours, 7 days a week. - Fax (201) 703-3165  just call the number and follow the instructions.
bulletFlinn Scientific Inc, Batavia, IL, 60510, (800) 452-1261 Fax (630) 879-6962
bulletHACH Company, Ames, IA 50010 (800) 27-4224
bulletICN Biochemicals, Aurora, OH 44202, (330) 562-1500
bulletLI-COR,, (402) 467-0700
bulletLife Technologies Inc., Grand Island, NY 14072, (800) 828-6686
bulletMolecular Probes Inc., Eugene, Oregon 97402, (503) 465-8300
bulletNational Gypsum Company 2001 Rexford Road, Charlotte, NC 28211,  1-800-NATIONAL
bulletOccidental Chemical   1-800-699-4970
bulletPennzoil Quaker State Company, 700 Milam, P.O.Box 2967, Houston, TX 77252-2967; phone 713-546-4000;  Web:
bulletPesticides & Antimicrobial products - searchable databases of products and manufactures
bulletSigma-Aldrich: Co.,, SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI 63178, (314) 771-57651 or 800-325-3010 
bulletTexaco Inc., 2000 Westchester Ave. White Plains, NY 10650; 1-800 782-7852 or (914) 253-4000; Fax (:877) 276-7285; E-mail  ASKTIC Call the (800) number to request an MSDS from either the automated system or a Texaco representative.
bulletUSB United States Biochemical Co., Cleveland, OH 44122, (216) 765-5000
bulletVWR Scientific (Van Waters &Rogers) 800-932-5000 (610) 431-1700
bulletValspar Corporation 612-375-7303; Fax 612-375-7393 - for MSDSs call or fax list with product number on the product label (not UPC code).


bulletMSDSs are also available from many suppliers via the internet as many have MSDSs on their web site.  For example over 90,000 Sigma-Aldrich MSDSs are now available at their web site.  You may search by product number, product name or CAS number.  Click on the above link and find the manufacture to search for your product.

a_update.gif (1413 bytes) The above page has recently been updated and now has over 700 links to different manufactures and suppliers. 

bulletSeveral internet databases have been established to provide simply access to MSDSs or to provide generic safety information. Simply click on the above link and locate a database to search for your product. 
bulletRelated goverment data & databases 


bulletA collection of several thousand MSDSs can be found at Environmental Health and Safety office. We have several file cabinets filled with MSDSs!  Contact Bea Pacheco (646-3327) for assistance in obtaining these.


bulletThe Biology department also has a collection of many MSDSs and links to MSDS.  These can be found at Biology, Foster Hall Room 130, Foster Hall  or contact Linda S. Perez, Safety Coordinator  646-3915