Examples of safety signs, door signs, symbols, & charts  a_rtksigns.gif (1923 bytes)

The following are links to examples of safety signs that can be posted to ensure that employees and visitors are aware or reminded of the hazards in the area.  Some of these can be printed and used as a temporary measure but we recommend purchase of durable, laminated, color-fast sign for the long term.  ( more safety sign examples

bulletContact and Hazard Sign - Teaching and Research labs (and chemical storage)
bulletpowerpoint-file (800k save & open to modify)
bulletBiological Safety Level-1 (gif file)  (ppt file)
bulletBiological Safety Level-2 (gif file)  (ppt file)
bulletCaution Carcinogen - Authorized person only  (gif)   (pdf)
bulletCaution Radioactive Material  (jpg file)  (pdf)

bulletNotice.gif (1792 bytes)  SAFETY SIGNS
bullet Safety Glasses Required Area (gif) - small round (gif)
bullet Be careful - Wash hands to remove chem residue (gif)  (pdf)
bulletBe Careful - This machine has no brain  (small gif)  (large gif)  (pdf)
bulletClimb ladder with both hands (gif)  (pdf)
bulletCorrosives (gif)
bulletNo eating, drinking, or smoking in area  (jpg)  (pdf)
bulletNo smoking   #1    #2(ppt)   Symbol  (pdf
bulletNO SMOKING in building ( pdf)
bulletNO SMOKING within 25 ft - large (pdf)  small  (pdf)
bulletEmergency Phone Numbers - Wall Sign
bulletPPE Required for chems, infectous mat or lab work (pdf)  (pdf2) in lab (pdf)
bulletNFPA Rating labels  (jpg)  Labels available at Biology & Chemistry dept or any safety supply
bulletNMSU Labels for Peroxide formers (policy) -  ppt    jpeg   pdf9x
bulletSafety First Blank - (ppt)  (pdf)

Slogan insert for above ppt blank
bulletEyeglasses are cheap, eyesight is priceless
bulletMachines have no brain, use your
bulletMay not get second chance


bulletCAUTION-2.gif (2308 bytes) CAUTION SIGNS
bulletAsbestos -  Do not disturb
bulletBiohazards - No food in unit  (gif)  (pdf)
bulletBiohazards - No food in area
bulletCarcinogen - Authorized person only (gif)  (pdf)
bulletCarcinogen - Caution  (pdf)
bulletCarcinogen Storage - Trained personnel
bulletCarcinogen Storage - Special training required
bulletChemicals - No food in refrigerator
bulletChemicals - Check MSDS  (gif)
bulletChemicals - Check Chemical Hygiene Plan  (gif)
bulletChemicals - No food in area
bulletConfined Space (pdf)
bulletFoot protection required
bulletHazardous waste
bulletHigh pressure cyclinder - keep chained  (pdf)
bulletLOCK OUT for safety before starting (english & spanish) - (pdf)
bulletCaution Radioactive Material  (jpg file)  (ppt)  (pdf)
bulletCaution  X-Ray (analytical type) poss in use  (jpg file)  (pdf)


bullet NMSU Waste Accumulation Point  (gif)  (ppt(pdf)
bullet Hazardous Waste sign (gif #1)  (gif#2)   (pdf)


bullet Danger.gif (1927 bytes) DANGER SIGNS                     
bulletCorrosive hazard  
bulletEye protection required
bulletHard hat area
bulletHigh voltage
bulletHigh Magnetic Field  (ppt)   (pdf
bullet Laser Danger Class3&4 (ppt templateClass3b  (pdfClass4  (pdfposition info
bulletUV Light Danger - eye & skin hazard (pdf)


bulletChemicals - no food in refrigerator  
bulletChemicals - no eating in area   (pdf
bulletBiohazards - no food in refrigerator
bulletNotice - No chems - Food only in this unit


bulletNotice.gif (1792 bytes)  NOTICES
bulletNotice blank - (ppt) (pdf)
bulletKeep cylinders chained  example #1(gif)  #2(gif)  #3(pdf) 
bulletHPGC - Cylinders not connected - must be capped  example #1  #2
bulletHPGC - Fuel & oxygen cylinder separation requirements  example #1(gif)  #2(ppt)  #3(pdf)
bulletExit door to remain unlocked (jpg)  (pdf)
bulletFire door, Do not block   (gif)  (pdf)
bulletEmergency Shower example #1   #2
bulletEmergency Eyewash example#1  #2
bulletRemove gloves before leaving laboratory (pdf)
bulletLab coats contamination caution (pdf)
bulletPPE required for chemical, infectious or lab use (pdf)
bullet Wash hands before handling or eating food                                               
bulletBiosafety for animal area  (pdf - english) (pdf - english & spanish)
bulletGeneral (pdf - english) (pdf - english & spanish)                                   
bulletElectric panel keep clear 36 inches (english & spanish) - (pdf)
bulletSCP No chemical to sanitary sewer drain  - (pdf)
bulletHood out of service - (pdf)

bullet Biohazard
bullet Eyewash
bullet Emergency shower
bullet NFPA diamond
bullet Radiation
bullet Poison - skull & crossbones (poison)
bullet Wheelchair


bullet Biohazard label
bullet Chart - Hazard versue PPE
bullet NFPA Rating labels
bullet Labels for Peroxide formers (policy) -  ppt    jpeg   pdf-9
bullet Trenching Poster
bullet Combustible Dust
bullet OSHA Employee Rights and Job Safety - It is the Law Poster
bullet Aerial Lifts (Fact Sheet)   (Quick Card)
bullet Crane Safety (Quick Card)
bullet Employee Safe Driving (Quck Card)
bullet Electric Safety (Quick Card)
bullet Workplace Violence (Fact Sheet)
bullet Farm Safety (Fact Sheet)
bullet Fire Safety (Fact Sheet)
bullet Lead Hazard (Fact Sheet)
bullet Lock-out Tag-out (Fact Sheet)
bullet PPE (Fact Sheet)
bullet Trenching (Fact Sheet)
bullet Heat Stress (Fact Sheet)
bullet Asbestos Hazards (Fact Sheet)  Asbestos Hazard (Fact Sheet2)
bullet Fall Protecton and Ladder Safety (Fact Sheet)
bullet Blood and Sharps Protection (Fact Sheet)
bullet Nail Gun Safety (Quick Card)

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