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Defensive Driving Class (DDC) / NMSU Driving Permit

University Policy:- Driving Permit:

In order to drive a university vehicle (licensed for highway use), the individual 

  • 1. Must attend or show proof of recent attendance (Proof to include documentation of class attendance, provider, class type, date) at a nationally sanctioned safety driving course, e.g. National Safety Council, or at EH&S' (4) four-hour Defensive Driving Class training sessions and
  • 2. Have a valid driving license (Prospective drivers will undergo a motor vehicle records check, initially and every 3 years) and 
  • 3. Maintain a good driving record  (Any employee or student who receives a traffic citation for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or fails to obey any applicable traffic laws while driving or occupying a state vehicle may result in suspension or revocation of their University driver's privileges. See vehicle use precedures) 

State statute requires individuals to obtain a NM drivers license within 30 days of establishing residence in NM. Out of state license holders are required to provide a certified copy of their driving history before a NMSU permit is issued. EH&S can check most state driving records (NOT CA, WA, PA, or MD) for an additional charge (the fee depends on the state).

Upon successful completion of these requirements a NMSU driving permit will be issued. 

Fees -

    $50.00 (plus applicable license check fee)
    $50.00 fee for individuals attending class for personal reasons
    Note there is a handling & licence check fee for issuing a permit to those that have obtained DDC certificate outside NMSU

To register for this class you must provide

    *your full name (*as on your current license),
    *address (street, city, state, country - *as on your current license),
    *date of birth, (*as on your current license
    a current/valid driver's license number, and
    a department account number (pay by check or cash if the class is for personal reasons).

on line form.  Non-employees (or personals) can also register on linene but must pay for the class at EH&S at least a week in advance 

Individuals should bring their current driver's license and a pencil to class. 

This class is provided by EH&S at the Safety training facility (map) and is on the monthly schedule.Schedule) (To Register)  (More information)

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