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Employee Safety & Hazard Communication (Right to know)


    This course provides employees with information and University requirements on environmental, health and safety issues. Employees are informed of the need and requirements to comply with state and federal regulations related to the workplace, as well as with University EH&S programs. At a minimum it includes an overview of job safety and guidance; emergency safety instruction; and typical workplace hazards (Unit I below).  It also includes a section on environmental considerations for waste disposal /hazardous waste awareness (Unit II).  If the employee duties includes work with or around chemical, such as found the the NMSU shops/trades, agriculture areas and lab operations, the class includes the OSHA requirements for the University Hazardous Communication Program (Unit III). 

Laboratory Standard, 1910.1450
Bloodborne Pathogens, 1910. 1030
Personal Protective Equipment, 1910.132
Emergency Action Plan, 1910.38
Warning Signs, 1910.165
Noise Protection, 1910.95
Asbestos Awareness, 1910.100
Hazard Evaluations (activity review)
Lead Standard, 1910.1025
Lockout/Tagout Standard, 1910.147
Fire Protection, 1910.157
Confined Space Awareness, 1910.146
Access to Records, 1910.1020
Radiation Safety, 20NMAC

    Who should attend:

    All University employees, including full-time, part-time, and work study.

    Training frequency

    Initial training by EH&S with additional information provided when new equipment, chemical or other hazard is introduced into the work area.  Supervisors are responsible to ensure employees receive and understand required training and information for site-specific hazards.  Additional training requirements for specific worksite and duties will be noted in the class.

    Length of course:

    Two and half hours with some variation for audience size and questions

    This class is provided at least bimonthly by EH&S  It is scheduled to coordinate with employee benefits class (New Employee Orientation) as well as at least one other time a month  (Schedule) (To Register)

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