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Fork Lift Training & Refresherforklift_anim.gif (6621 bytes)

    Description/purpose :

    This mandatory course is provided by the office of EH&S.  It provides employees with information and training on fork lift use in their work area. (NMSU Policy


    • Introduction to Federal and State regulations on forklift operations. 
    • Overview of OSHA 1910.178. 
    • Proper techniques for safe forklift operation. 
    • Hazards associated with forklift operations. 
    • Skills assessment  

    Who should attend:

      All University employees, including full-time, part-time, and work study who operate fork lifts. Please note that, individuals under 18 years of age are not allowed to operate forklifts (OSHA reference).

    Training frequency: 

      Initial training involves the lecture and practical.

      Refresher is required every three years after initial training and is primarily operational skills (forklift rodeo). Additional specific retraining may be required if there is an incident. 

    Length of course:   3 - 4 hours, depending on audience size and questions

    This class is provided by the EH&S and is on the regular schedule  (Schedule)  (To Register).

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