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Note: as of sept 2004 the Radiation Safety I and II topics are covered in the following Rad Safety class 

Radiation  Safety (also see Rad Safety Manual)


      This course will provide employees with an overview of the fundamentals of radiation safety with emphasis on research at NMSU.   Employees will be informed of requirements of state and federal regulations, as well as with University Safety program.


    • Overview: NMSU Radiation Safety Program
    • Natural & artificial sources
    • Radiation terms & processes
    • Biological effects
    • ALARA Exposure & Contamination control
    • Security
    • External & internal dosimetry
    • Basic surveys and instrumentation 
    • Emergency Spill response
    • Rad material shipping & receiving
    • Waste management

    Who should attend:

      All University employees, including full-time, part-time, and work study who use radioactive materials, x-ray equipment or desire a quick, general overview of radiation principles and fundamentals

    Training frequency:  Required prior to initial use or work with radioactive material.  . Additional training as required for competency.

    Length of course:   3 1/2 hours, depending on audience size and questions

     This class is provided by EH&S and is on the regular schedule  (Schedule) (To Register) 

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Nuclear Gauge Radiation Safety


      This course will provide employee and student sealed-source soil moisture gauge (nuclear gauge) users with fundamental radiation safety practices at the university. The course also covers federal, state, and university radiation safety program requirements. This course is designed to satisfy the 3-year hazardous materials retraining requirement under 49 CFR 172 for gauge users. Additionally, for new gauge users only, this course may be taken in lieu of Radiation Safety I, also offered by EH&S. This course does not take the place of the required gauge manufacturer's operations and safety initial training.

    Content: The course covers the following:

    • Basic Radiation Terminology
    • ALARA, Radiation and Contamination Control
    • Biological Effects of Radiation
    • Physical Security Considerations
    • Transportation and Shipping
    • Available Information Sources

    Who Should Attend:

      Nuclear gauge users who are due for retraining, as an alternative for the manufacturer's retraining done off-campus. New nuclear gauge users, as an alternative to Radiation Safety I.

    Training Frequency:

    The manufacturer's course is required initially for authorized permittees, and then retraining every 3 years can be done either by the manufacturer or by EH&S staff.

    Length of Course: 2 hours

    The class is provided by EH&S at least once a semester.   (Schedule) (To Register) 

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