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Required Training

Required Program and/or Documents

Do you work with, have or store chemicals in your work area(s), vehicle, or building? Chemical Safety (Employee & Hazard Communication Class) additional training by supervisor on specific and new hazards Hazcom program, chemical inventory (annual update to Environmental Health and Safety), MSDSs, container labeling, & training documentation
Do you produce waste that contains chemicals, blood, human body fluids or infectious agents? Hazardous waste training (HazCom class is prerequisite) Hazardous waste manual, waste tracking forms (as needed)
Do you provide first aid services, work with or have the potential to contact human blood, body fluids, or tissues? Bloodborne pathogens (annual review/training on BBP & exposure control plan may be required depending on exposure risk)  Bloodborne Pathogen Program - Infection Control Plan, annual training and HBV vaccine may be required
Do you use radioactive materials,  x-ray devices or related radiation equipment? Radiation safety

Nuclear Gage Training

Radiation safety manual, RSO permission, area signage, periodic  training updates
Do you work with animals? Contact the IACUC committee (ref: requirements-AP&P manual) All animal research must have the approval of IACUC committee
(link to the application for animal use in research or teaching)
Do you use respirators or dust masks? Respiratory Safety and fit testing (annual fit test required)  Respiratory safety program, medical evaluation and annual training documentation
Do your work involve the application of pesticides? Poss. Pesticide Management &/or License (in addition to respirator safety) Medical evaluation for sprayer or if known reaction to pesticides
Does your work require hearing protection? Hearing protection use Hearing conservation program, protection area signage, and annual review
Do you use or service equipment on which an unexpected restarting could cause injury? Lockout-tagout Lockout-tagout procedures, 3 yr review / refresher training
Does your area have any confined spaces that you must enter? Confined space entry Confined space program, entry permits (if required), 3 yr review / refresher training
Do you work with or near electrical hazards ? Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) CPR certification (renew every two years)
Do your work involve the use of ladders? Ladder Safety Annual review/training
Do you perform maintenance or housekeeping in areas with asbestos? Asbestos Awareness Training documents
Do you operate industrial trucks (e.g. forklift, bucket truck, etc.)? Industrial Trucks Operations
(Fork lift training &
Aerial lift training)

Training license, retraining/renewal every three years
Are there fire extinguishers in your work area or nearby for your use? Fire extinguisher training Emergency Action Plan, emergency phone, evacuation routes
Do you drive a university vehicle Defensive driving class NMSU driving permit
Do you work on or visit WSMR areas beyond the headquarters area? Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) UXO handout

 Related EH&S policies, requirements and guidance

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The above checklist is a summary of requirements, please click the highlighted links, check the 'Safety program' page, send an email, or call EH&S (646-3327), if you have further questions. .


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