nsmu-safety office.gif (3701 bytes)            Memorandum

       February 27, 1998


TO:          NMSU Community via ABCD email distribution

FROM:    Dr. Katrina Doolittle, Director

SUBJECT: Defensive Driving Course for Non-employees

Non-employee drivers utilizing our fleet vehicles must be acting as a volunteer in the performance of work on behalf of NMSU. All drivers must be in compliance with state motor vehicle laws. This includes:

1) Being licensed to operate a motor vehicle in this state

2) Completing the 4/6/8 hr National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course or equivalent per the State Motor Vehicle GSD rule 90-202

The Safety Office offers a one time temporary permit (to employees) when individuals register for the Defensive Driving Course. The intent of the temporary permit is to allow employees to perform their required duties which involve driving for a short interim until the Defensive Driving Course can be completed. Note: the temporary permit may not be used to chauffeur other employees or students.

Historically, non-employee students have abused the temporary permit by never completing the Defensive Driving Course, thereby, circumventing the state policy. This memorandum serves as notification that non-employee drivers are required to complete the Defensive Driving Course prior to using state fleet vehicles.

In cases of special need, the Director of the Division may authorize a person who has not completed the Defensive Driving Course to drive a state vehicle. The Director's written authorization must be provided to the Safety Office before such person will be given a temporary permit for the specified occasion (GSD 90-202, 4.3).

The Safety Office will continue to provide a one time temporary permit to any NMSU employee that is currently registered for the Defensive Driving Course.  


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