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New Mexico State University

Past Actions Supported by ACAP

Examples of actions supported over the past several years by ACAP can best be experienced by reviewing the minutes of meetings from the past several years.


Surveyed and recommended compressed summer hours.

Participated in "Aggie Days" (April 17).


ACAP supported retirees and felt that it would be beneficial to have a retiree on our Council as an Ex-Officio member. The member would be required to be a member of Pioneers.

ACAP supported retirees and sent a letter to the President recommending that retirees receive free tickets for themselves and their spouses for all theatre productions (excluding the Holiday show and musical (if one is produced) and that they may only pick up tickets 30 minutes prior to the production on a space available basis.

ACAP supported changing the allowed course hours from four to six for the free course NMSU employees using the available free course benefit.

ACAP supported a voluntary benefit to retirees for dental insurance. Premiums would be paid for in total by the retiree.

ACAP sent a letter to the President requesting that administration find the money (approximately $30,000) to fund an actuarial study to help us determine the costs of retirees on our health insurance plan.

ACAP recommended the Domestic Partners (same sex and opposite sex) and Benefits by sending a letter to the Provost suggesting that NMSU use a similar policy as the policy currently being used at UNM with an effective date of July 1, 2004.

Supported the Presidential search with members attending the interview sessions for each of the candidates.

A classified ACAP member's name was submitted as a nominee for EEO Search Committee and several classified staff members' names were submitted as nominees to serve on the President's Search Committee.

ACAP supported the recommendation extending the reduced tuition option to include part-time students that are dependent children of NMSU employees and retirees.


ACAP supported the Campus Climate Survey Task Force and the Chair of ACAP served as Co-chair of the Classified and Professional part of the Roles and Rewards Committee. Several ACAP members served on various sub-committees of the Roles and Rewards Committee.

A letter was sent to President Gogue supporting a proposal by the NMSU Police Department Parking Office.

ACAP reviewed some new and revised Personnel Policies. A letter was sent to President Gogue recommending revisions to the Policy on Consensual Relationships, the Policy Statement Against Sexual Harassment and the Policy Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action.


ACAP supports the Citations Appeals Board and has members who serve on the Appeals Board.

Each year ACAP supports the Ft. Bliss Awards program and the Roberts Award. Members of ACAP serve as the selection committee for determining the recipient from nominations submitted from campus employees.