New Mexico State Univeristy
Policies for Chartered Student Organizations


When a student organization becomes chartered by New Mexico State University, it shall be accorded the following privileges:

1. Use of University facilities subject to the established rules governing such use.
2. Use of the name of the University in official titles.
3. Use of ASNMSU Comptroller's Office to deposit and withdraw money.
4. Use of University bulletin boards (with appropriate approvals for notices that conform to regulations).
5. Establishment of an organization mailbox in the Campus Activities Office.
6. Participation in NMSU events and other activities that are appropriate for student organizations.
7. Attendance at organizational workshops and seminars sponsored by Student Affairs and any of its departments.
8. Privilege to request funds from ASNMSU Senate. Details for requesting ASNMSU funds may be obtained by calling 646-4415.
9. Eligibility to participate in the annual fall Club Rush sponsored by the Department of Campus Activities.
10 Privilege to have a website and e-mail account through the University's ICT and /or Banner.
11. Use of professional staff and resources available in the Campus Activities Office.
12. Included on the SOAP list-serve
13. Eligible to use the SORC (Student Organization Resource Center).
14. Eligible to request funding from the Campus Activities Spare Change Pool.


1. To take possession of the NMSU Student Organization Handbook, become familiar with its contents, use it as a reference, and pass it on as specified. The Handbook is the group's source for policies, regulations, and resources.
2 To submit and complete an Activity Registration Form for all events and activities both on and off campus. This should be completed in a timely manner.
3. To conduct its affairs within the framework of University policies, which include the Code of Conduct and Administrative Policies, University's Computer Use Policy and the provisions of the by-laws of the organization.
4. To conduct its affairs according to democratic processes.
5. To conduct its fiscal affairs in accord with proper standards of good business management.
6. To notify and keep the advisor (s) informed of all activities, meetings, fiscal matters, and events of the organization.
7. To utilize University facilities, grounds, and equipment properly at all times and to compensate the University if damages occur during an event/activity that the organization conducts.
8. To operate and/or conduct all activities in a conscientious manner, consistent with recognized standards, in order to protect the health and safety of the general public and all individuals participating in the activities.
9. To submit an NMSU Student Organization Chartering Form and other required documents annually in order to maintain continued association with the University. (Chartering form is due within thirty (30) days of expiration in order to continue active status).
10. To update the copy of the organization's by-laws on file in the Campus Activities Office when amendments are made by the membership.
To conduct its affairs in a manner that indicates the realization that, by virtue of the chartering status granted to the organization by the University, its membership, both individually and collectively, will be viewed by the community as a representative of the University.
12. An organization shall be responsible for any of its activities that cause a riot or disturbance or disorderly diversion that interferes with the normal operation of the University. This section should not be construed as denying any organization the right of peaceful assembly.


1. Officers and members of student organizations are expected to know and abide by all responsibilities for student organizations and for students in general. Failure to uphold these responsibilities may result in an administrative review and subsequent summary action and/or, in cases where Code of Conduct violations are alleged, may be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Services
2. Administrative review will include a request for written statements by involved parties and/or interviews with same. The review shall be conducted by the Director of Campus Activities or designee, with action rendered based on information available.
3. The organization may request a review of the action by submitting a written statement to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs & Community Colleges or designee within three days of notification of action. The Associate Provost's decision is final and shall be rendered within 10 business days of receipt of the request.
4. Occurrences that result in any summary action may be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Services for investigation, as the administrative review process does not replace the judicial process.
5. Summary action may include, but is not limited to:
(a) letter of finding of no fault-indicates organization did not fail to uphold responsibilities as alleged. This letter becomes part of the organization's permanent file in the Campus Activities Office.
(b) letter of reprimand-indicates failure to uphold responsibilities, though not of a serious nature and constitutes a warning to the organization against future occurrences. This letter becomes part of the organization's permanent file in the Campus Activities Office.
(c) suspension of privilege-indicates failure to uphold responsibilities of a more serious and/or repeated nature and suspends specified privileges for at least one semester.
(d) inactive status-indicates failure to uphold responsibilities of a severe nature or repeated occurrences. Suspension of the charter, and all activity as a student organization for at least one semester.
(e) revocation of charter-indicates a failure to uphold responsibilities of a severe and/or repeated nature or that could result in civil or criminal charges. The revocation action will be automatically reviewed by the Associate Provost for Student Affairs & Community Colleges.
6. Requests for reinstatement of privileges and/or charter will be considered, providing documentation of corrective action taken is provided.
7. Additions to or changes in policy will be communicated through the SOAP list serve, organization mailboxes, and direct mailing to the President for inclusion in the Organization Handbook.


Each organization is re-chartered on a yearly basis. At the end of that period, Campus Activities will send a notification e-mail to the president and the advisor(s) reminding them that the charter will expire soon. The expiration date depends on the election month for the officers.
The organization will need to submit
*The Re-charter Form
*Ten Member List giving the names of the new officers
*Total Member List (for purposes of retention data and co curricular transcript verification)
*Leader Responsibility Form
*The organization Activity Summary Form (for data collection, budget defense and public information)

Upon verification that the officers are full time students at the main campus of NMSU and the members listed on the Ten Member List are registered students at the main campus of NMSU, plus submission of the Total Membership List, the Leader Responsibility Form and the Activity Summary Form, the charter will be renewed for another year. In the case where an organization has two elections a year or the officers change for any reason, an Officer Addendum Form should be submitted. If the organization has changed advisors, a new advisor form must be submitted. A revised set of by-laws is also required upon re-chartering if amendments have been made during the previous year.


Any activities (other than regularly scheduled meetings) require the submission of an Activity Registration Form (available at ) no later than 10 working days prior to the event. The event must receive final University authorization prior to being advertised or held.

All activities must be in compliance with the University Sales and Solicitation Policy.

For specific information on planning your event, consult your Student Organization Handbook and contact the Campus Activities Office at 646-3200.