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Welcome to the listing of the Budget Office's FAQ's page! If you have questions that we haven't answered here, please contact us at, or phone at (575) 646-2432. Thank you!

Q: What terms are we using now to replace the old terms of ABR rule 1, 2 and 3?

1 & 3 are Non Pooled and 2 is Pooled.

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Q: Is there a report that will list all employees for a department?

A Quarterly Report is going to be generated by the Budget Office and distributed to Dean's & VP levels. Other solution is to use NBIPORG to get listing per Org then look up on NBIPINC by position number to show incumbent. These are HR Banner Forms.

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Q: How do I know what position number to use for a Temporary Employee?

Temporary employees will be hired under Pooled Positions, which are for "Non-Regular" employees who will normally have a termination date and would fall in one of the following categories:

Temporary Faculty-9X8999
Specialist Exempt (Temporary)-9X8899
Specialist Clerical (Temporary Non-Exempt)-9X8799
Specialist Tech & Paraprofessional (Temporary Non-Exempt)-9X8798

The "X" listed in the pooled position number should be tied to the campus employing the person as listed below:

1-Main Campus,
2- Alamogordo Campus
3-Carlsbad Campus
4-Dona Ana Campus
5-Grants Campus

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Q: How do I request a new position number?
To request a new position number, contact Compensation and Classification at

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Q: How do I know if a position is "Contingent Upon Funding"?

All positions are contingent upon funding except for those position numbers that start with 19XXXX, which are supported by state appropriations. Any position that is split funded with another funding type should be considered contingent upon funding.

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Q: When must I submit a Cash Entry Voucher?
You must submit a CEV (Cash Entry Voucher) whenever a deposit has been made to your department. CEV's must be submitted to the Accounting and Financial Reporting Office on a daily basis, the day after the deposit has been made to the bank.

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If you have additional questions(s) and/or concern(s) please feel free to email the Budget Office at