It's About Time...

Frank A. DuBois grew up on a ranch in Corona, New Mexico.  Those who grew up with him would testify that the West was wild long after history books were written.  A cowboy at heart, he continues to embrace the "western way of life" through his work and personal life.

    DuBois has been director/secretary of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture since 1988.  Prior to his current position, he worked in Washington D.C. for Senator Pete Domenici and was appointed to a high level position at the Department of Interior.  Throughout his career, DuBois has been a key player and strong supporter of the New Mexico agricultural industry and rodeo athletics.  

    DuBois participated in rodeo competitions for years and has won four saddles, six buckles, a hay barn, and his share of money.   In 1990 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, yet nothing stopped this cowboy from riding and competing for several years thereafter.  DuBois proudly boasts that he won more prizes from rodeo competitions after he was diagnosed.  However, DuBois was forced to retire from the sport in 1998.

    While it was the end of one chapter for DuBois, it was also the beginning of a new one.  He diverted his energy to establishing the first permanent award program for rodeo athletes at New Mexico State University (NMSU).  The DuBois Rodeo Award program is intended to keep rodeo an integral part of New Mexico.  The award's primary role is to make sure NMSU attracts quality rodeo talent.


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