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New Mexico State University
College of Social Work
Family and Child Welfare Training and Research Project


The Title IV-E Project at New Mexico State University, Family and Child Welfare Training and Research Project, is a joint partnership between the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and the New Mexico State University School of Social Work. This partnership is funded with federal monies available through the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program of the Social Security Act. The Family and Child Welfare Training and Research Project serves to both increase the number of social work graduates who seek employment with CYFD and to provide training for existing CYFD staff. The School of Social Work is proud of this partnership with CYFD. The Family and Child Welfare Training and Research Project is an excellent example of how programs of professional education can serve to reinforce, strengthen and promote the work of vital state agencies dedicated to the protection and advancement of children in their families.

In partnership with Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), the School of Social Work provides skill based child welfare training, as defined and permitted by the Title IV-E regulations, plus supervisory training to approximately 1200 participants each fiscal year. The specific topics, presenters, and facilities for the training are selected jointly by NMSU and CYFD.

Training is designed to develop and enhance the workers skills to promote permanency, well-being and safety for successfully working with children and families in CYFD.

The Family and Child Welfare Training and Research Project also provides assistance to students and CYFD employees in preparation for taking licensure examinations. This assistance is provided through a workshop format utilizing speakers with expertise in test taking and content areas in the licensing examination. Licensing information is available at the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Board of Social Work Examiners site.

Upcoming Events:

Children's Law Institute

Children's Law Institute (CLI) 2009 Conference

The 16th Annual Children’s Law Institute is being held January 7-9 2009. The conference will take place at the Hotel Albuquerque, 800 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, in Albuquerque’s Old Town.

For more information about the conference please download the conference brochure.

Additional information about the CLI conference is available by calling threesixty consulting at 505-231-5866.


One component of the project is to educate social workers at the BSW and MSW levels interested in serving the families and children of New Mexico who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect. The primary goal of Title IV-E is to increase the number of BSW and MSW degreed social workers to provide services to children and their families who are clients of CYFD throughout the state of New Mexico. To reach this goal, Title IV-E provides stipends to students enrolled in the School of Social Work who demonstrates a commitment to work for CYFD upon completion of their academic studies. 2008-2009 Stipend Application (PDF Format)

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Any student accepted into the BSW or MSW program at New Mexico State University and who is interested in a career in child welfare with CYFD. This includes part-time students and students who are currently employees of CYFD.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: To be considered for a stipend, a student must:

  1. Be accepted and enrolled in the BSW or MSW program. Demonstrate a willingness to be contractually obligated to work for CYFD for a specified period of time after graduation as payback for the stipend: 18 months for each year of aid awarded for full-time students, obligation for part-time students will vary. Be willing to accept CYFD employment in counties where there is the greatest need for qualified social workers. Fully understand that if the work commitment is not met, that the student will repay the stipend to CYFD in a timely fashion. Complete an IV-E application form.
  2. Successfully complete a screening interview by a panel consisting of representatives from CYFD and the School of Social Work.

STIPENDS: Students who meet the above criteria may be awarded stipends to help defray educational expenses. Students accepting stipends are required to take child welfare related courses. Stipend students must complete one year of field placement in a CYFD county office. Upon completion of the BSW or MSW degree, students then enter employment with CYFD at various county offices throughout the state. Additional information and Title IV-E stipend applications are available by contacting Monica Montoya, Title IV-E Stipend Coordinator at NMSU (505) 646-4665 or email at

FIELD PLACEMENTS: Undergraduate students who are awarded a stipend will be expected to complete one year of field practicum at Children, Youth, and Families Department (Child Protective Services) during their Senior year.

Graduate students who are awarded a stipend will complete one year of field practicum at Children, Youth, and Families Department (Child Protective Services).    For MSW stipend students enrolled in the two year program, second year field placements can be completed at CYFD or a related child welfare agency.  

The stipend recipient will be required to attend a formal interview with CYFD Supervisors and staff for a potential practicum placement once they are required to begin their field placement coursework.  

Field Unit Supervisor:  All stipend students completing a field placement at CYFD will officially be assigned to the student unit. The Field Unit Supervisor provides all weekly clinical supervision for stipend students.  

The Field Unit Supervisor is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating student assignments to various units within CYFD and unit staff.
  2. Working closely with CYFD Staff to provide an initial orientation to the field agency.
  3. Ensuring that “job shadowing” and “on the job training” is provided to each student to maximize the students learning experiences.
  4. On-going training on clinical and field issues for students.
  5. Ensuring that all documentation for field placement is completed in a timely manner by the students during their field placement. 
  6. Assisting NMSU Stipend Coordinator and CYFD Staff in coordinating monthly stipend meetings.