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Pagan Student Union logo The Pagan Student Union of NMSU (also known as the PSU of NMSU) is a club for all students and members of the community of Las Cruces and surrounding areas. We seek to include all branches and aspects of Paganism including Wicca, Shamanism, Buddhism, Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Native American, Egyptian and other Earth, spirit, or nature-centered faiths.

No matter what your path may be, we come together to celebrate and share our beliefs. We seek to be active in dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding Paganism by educating the community, promoting acceptance and tolerance of all Pagan religions.

Our goals are: To provide a welcoming and friendly place for Pagans and like-minded people to culminate for spiritual support, fellowship, and networking; To provide resources and opportunities for anyone curious about Paganism; To explore Pagan beliefs, practices, and traditions; To honor the earth, work to heal the environment, and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. This group is for everyone interested in learning, growing, and/or reconnecting with the land and our ancestral spiritual heritage.

PSU meets once a week at New Mexico State University. For more information, to keep current about meeting rooms, dates, and times, or other special events and workshops, visit our website or email us.

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