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Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation welcomes you! We are a Christian fellowship of students of varied denominations and backgrounds. Through our programming at Wesley, we strive to provide an atmosphere where you can grow in your faith through Bible study, service, and fellowship. There are studies, retreats, local mission opportunities, worship team, small groups, fellowship events, Spring Break Mission trips, and opportunities for outreach to youth. We have two opportunities during the week to participate in worship, fellowship, and Bible study. Sundays we have what we call "Free Food- Free Jesus. Worship Service" Where we have a FREE home cooked meal provided by one of our local Methodist Churches followed by a full worship service. The meals starts at 6pm and worship at 7pm. Tuesday Night at 7pm, we offer a Bible study. Each week we build around topics, questions, books, stories, and people in the Bible and break them down through group discussion. We are located one long block north of campus at 2425 Jordan. Contact us at (575) 323-0748, e-mail, or check out our web page and/or facebook page.

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