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The Order of Clear Mind Zen is a Socially Engaged Zen Teaching Order. We are headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico and have affiliates in Texas and California. The foundation of our practice is seated meditation (Zazen).

Our Engaged Zen Services

Bearing Witness in Public Spaces: The Buddha lived outdoors. He practiced in open, public spaces, offering himself as teacher, healer, and was a model of deep love, compassion, and wisdom. We practice street Zen as a means of bearing witness for peace, non-violence, and abundant good. We practice Zazen on sidewalks, in parks, and other open spaces offering basic meditation instruction in the process.

Hospice Care: Several of our sangha members provide hospice care to dying people and respite care to their loved ones. Hospice is a very special practice requiring serious commitment. Training at two of our local hospice organizations is available.

Peace Making and Educational Services: Our Order has been providing meditation instruction to Peace Village of Las Cruces for over five years. We also offer meditation classes to any who request them.

Prison Dharma: Prison work is exceptionally challenging. From gaining access to the challenges of the prison populations themselves, this work is not for those without a solid practice and ability to set and maintain clear boundaries.

Rev. Dr. Harvey Daiho Hilbert-roshi Abbot, OCMZ. 575-680-6680
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