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New Mexico State University

Hardware Purchasing Program

Dell and HP Computer Ordering

New Mexico State University


NMSU Purchasing, in partnership with ICT, has developed a computer workstation and notebook purchasing program that has identified cost-effective purchase options to support the majority of campus computing needs. Dell and HP computer orders are placed on Mondays, except during holidays. Any cancellations will be accepted up until 2 business days prior to order day. Contact Fred Montoya at (575) 646-2933 for more information. Pricing is subject to change. *Note: ICT will deliver your purchase free of charge. If you would like to have the system setup (out of box, data transfer, etc.) please submit a work order at our ICT Service Request site.

Other products not covered by these standard configurations can be obtained through the premium NMSU sites for Dell and HP.

Windows 7 Update:

NMSU's Bulk Purchasing Program now features computers equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 as the base operating system. All systems offered here meet Microsoft's recommendations for Windows 7, including the Aero Interface. For more information on the requirements of Windows 7, please see the Microsoft Windows 7 web site.

In addition, all systems purchased through the Bulk Purchasing Program will have the following software preinstalled:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Sophos Antivirus
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Sun Java client
  • Adobe flash player
  • Required updates for all of the above software
  • Registration on the NMSU network

Have questions about purchasing equipment through the ICT PC Purchasing Program? Contact ICT PC purchasing at 646-2933 or