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New Mexico State University
New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation
College of Engineering

About New Mexico AMP

New Mexico AMP's programs and activities are designed to guide qualified students into leadership positions in industry, academia, and entrepreneurial pursuits upon completion of their baccalaureate degree and to help them prepare for graduate school.

New Mexico AMP is aligned with other National Science Foundation (NSF) programs in New Mexico who share this common vision, including the Reaching the Pinnacle (RTP) for Students with Disabilities (also housed at New Mexico State University). Other academic and statewide agencies, in collaboration and cooperation with New Mexico AMP, also provide internships, scholarships, mentoring and role models to help students complete their B.S. degree and go on to graduate school, industry, or entrepreneurship.


SMET 101:

“Introduction to Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology”: This course is taught at several community college sites across the state as well as the four sections now in place at NMSU. SMET 101 teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills and helps students clearly determine and articulate their academic and career plans. For the community college student, SMET 101 also addresses articulation and transfer issues.

Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA):

The Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) program provides the opportunity for students to work with faculty mentors in their disciplines to do hands-on laboratory research for an academic year or summer. As students receive individual mentoring from their faculty mentors, they have the opportunity to see the benefits and challenges of the work they do and to recognize the value of continuing their education to be "like" their mentors. Faculty mentors gain the benefit of grooming apprentice scientists or engineers and having student research assistants involved in their work. The URA program is designed to provide opportunities for students to establish networks, to learn the role and work of professionals in their disciplines, to improve their communication skills, and to benefit from extensive professional and academic mentoring. In addition to the URA on the NMSU campus, several of the New Mexico AMP partner community colleges offer this opportunity to their students.

URA's are encouraged and supported to present their research at the annual New Mexico AMP Student Research Conference held at New Mexico State University each fall, in addition to other professional conferences in their disciplines. URA students are encouraged and helped to prepare for graduate school, and they are prepared to meet the expectations of industry and government internships and employment.

The New Mexico AMP Student Research Conference:

This annual event brings students and faculty to the NMSU campus for research presentations, workshops, panel presentations, and speakers. Conference goals are to provide students with the opportunity to gain presentation experience, to serve as role models and inspiration for other students, and to learn about professional activities in STEM and the important links between academic and professional life. The event's panel discussions, role modeling, and the opportunity to network with faculty and professionals in their discipline encourage students to consider continuing on to graduate school after graduation.

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