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New Mexico State University

New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation
College of Engineering

New Mexico AMP Reports and Publications

February 2010 - Currents

Congratulations, Dr. Jacquez!! Dr. Ricardo Jacquez, New Mexico AMP founding Director, has been named Dean of the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University, effective April 1, 2010. Dr. Jacquez has earned a respected reputation for broadening student opportunities, establishing important pathways to graduate studies, providing research and transfer assistance to community college students, and providing underrepresented high school students to aspire to STEM post-secondary education. Dr. Jacquez was recognized nationally in 2008 with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM) and received campus recognition with the NMSU Regents Professorship in 2004. He served for ten years as the Education director of the DOE-funded Wastemanagement Education and Research Consortium (WERC), during which time he led the effort to establish the M.S. in Environmental Engineering at NMSU. Importantly, he has served as Principal Investigator for grants totaling well over $25 million dollars, with the majority of these efforts focused on the mentoring and professional development of community college and university students throughout New Mexico. We are proud to serve with a leader of such integrity, character, and ability. Kudos to you, Dr. Jacquez! We look forward to many more years of serving New Mexico’s students with your leadership!

Institutional Coordinator Profile: Dr. Vince Lombraña, Professor of Biology at New Mexico State University-Alamogordo (NMSU-A), is Institutional Contact (IC) for New Mexico AMP. Dr. Lombraña has served in the role of mentor for many of our students who have transferred to university and some who have even progressed on to graduate school. Dr. Lombraña earned the B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in 1981, the M.S. degree in Biology from UTEP in 1985, and the Ph.D. in Biology from NMSU in 1992. After earning the Ph.D., he immediately started teaching biology at NMSU-A and has been one of our most dedicated IC’s for several years. He and his wife of 16 years have a teenage son, and he enjoys spending family time with them. Dr. Lombraña’s dedication to his students and noteworthy service in teaching have been publicly recognized many times in his eighteen years at NMSU-A. He has been the recipient of the NMSU-A Teaching Excellence Award three times and has also received the Regents Professorship Master Teacher Award. Significantly, Dr. Lombraña has been the recipient of the Donald C. Roush Award three times, with his latest Roush award presented to him on Jan 12, 2010 at the Spring Convocation at NMSU-Main. Dr. Lombraña’s expertise in his discipline; his unselfish concern for others; and his gentle, humble manner have endeared him to students, faculty, and New Mexico AMP staff alike. Thank you for your untiring service and dedication to New Mexico’s students, Dr. Lombraña! We are blessed to work with you!

Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) Co- Institutional Coordinator, Dr. Ajit Hira, received a grant from the NSF Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) Directorate that will involve and train New Mexico AMP students. The "Parallel Computing to Promote Research and Education Opportunities at Northern New Mexico College" project is a five-year Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI) grant in the amount of $150,913. The project will create a 16-node High Performance Cluster (HPC) of computers, which will provide for student training in effective use of the power of parallel computing in processing and visual representation of large volumes of data. The computers will be used for research and educational projects. Dr. Hira, Principal Investigator (PI), will model the nanotechnology of semiconducting materials, and Dr. David Torres, Co-PI and Co-IC of New Mexico AMP, will conduct simulations of incompressible fluid flow and surface tension. Surface Tension is important in industrial settings, including casting, fuel injection sprays and inkjet printers. Dr. Cathy Berryhill and Mr. Jean Constant will conduct research on scientific visualization, including the study of novel ways of displaying information and the effective use of visualization software in the classroom. Dr. Claudia Aprea will also use the cluster for research in Earth and Planetary Science and Environmental Science.

An Institutional Coordinators Meeting was held via Video Conference on March 1, 2010 at several locations statewide, including ENMU, UNM, NMSU-Carlsbad, SFCC, and NMSU-Main. Eleven IC’s and eight New Mexico AMP staff members participated in the meeting. After a review of alliance activities and discussion of alliance business, site groups worked together to consider means for building campus teams/networks and opportunities to develop inter-institutional partnerships. Team members reported out suggestions and conclusions of their site teams, which included a discussion of most efficient ways of disseminating information, creating opportunities, connecting with other organizations/events, and others.

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