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New Mexico State University
New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation
College of Engineering

About Institutional Coordinators in New Mexico AMP

New Mexico AMPís programs and activities are designed to guide qualified students into leadership positions in industry, academic, and entrepreneurial pursuits upon completion of their baccalaureate degree and to help them prepare for graduate school. In New Mexico AMPís community colleges and 4-year universities throughout the state, Institutional Coordinators (ICís) direct these programs and activities. ICís manage funding; coordinate STEM clubs and activities; and recruit students for STEM events, such as the New Mexico AMP Student Research Conference held annually at NMSU in the fall. Without the efforts of the ICís around the state, New Mexico AMPís purposes and goals would not be realized.

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Institutional Profiles IC's Profiles
Eastern New Mexico University Brian Pasko - Assoc.Professor, Mathematics (Biography)
New Mexico Highlands Craig Conley, Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Sciences
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Lillian Armijo, Director, Student Affairs

University of New Mexico

Laura Crossey - Professor, Earth and Planetary Science (Biography)
Western New Mexico University Jose Herrera, Professor/Dean of Arts and Sciences
Central NM Community College Heather Fitzgerald - Instructor, Biology
Luna Community College Michele Auzenne - Assistant Director
NMSU-Carlsbad Robyn Hayes - Instructor Chemistry
NMSU-Dona Ana Tarlochan Dhillon - Dept. Chair, Industrial Tech.
NMSU-Grants Jonathan Carter Hebert, Assistant Professor, Engineering
Northern New Mexico Collee

David Torres - Instructor Physics/Math (Biography)
Ajit Hira - Instructor

San Fe Community College Phyllis Baca - Chair, Technologies (Biography)
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute Nader Vadiee - Engieering Professor
UNM-Valencia Miriam Chavez - Chair, Science Dept.
New Mexico State University - Ethnic Programs Festus Addo-Yobo - Director, Black Program
Laura Gutierrez-Spencer - Director, Chicano Program
Maggie L. George - Director, American Indian Program
New Mexico State University Ricardo Jacquez - Director (website)
Michele Auzenne - Assistant Director
Esther Aguirre - Administrative Assistant
Gaby Cisneros - Research Engineer
Jeanne Garland - Program Manager
Josie Lannert - Conference Coordinator, Student Programs
Gloria Vasquez - Program Accounts Coordinator
Susana Venegas - Project Data Coordinator and Webmaster

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