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New Mexico State University
New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation
College of Engineering

New Mexico AMP Horizons

Through the STEM Club at Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico AMP students majoring in engineering received training leading to service efforts, and they participated in efforts such as an iPhone Application Challenge, a Ropes course and Explora! workshops to stay engaged and successful.

Through the STEM Club at Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico AMP students majoring in engineering trained with Explora!, a non-profit Albuquerque-based children's museum, to learn how to deliver workshops and mentor high school aged students. The SFCC students were provided four curriculum development and delivery workshops in this effort. Two of the groups who were provided the training delivered four workshops to high school students in conjunction with the Santa Fe Complex, a local non-profit think-tank funded by the city of Santa Fe that encourages local students to enter and stay in STEM.

Another effort of the STEM Club was participation in the iPhone Application Challenge that was facilitated by the Santa Fe MIX task force through the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Division. Students in the Introduction to Engineering Design course at SFCC (also participants in the STEM Club) were encouraged to design the functionality of an iPhone app as their final project and submit to the challenge. Again working with the Santa Fe Complex, students worked on the development and programming of the app and saw them through to operation on iPhones and iPods. One of the primary purposes of MIX is to encourage student involvement in STEM and is a huge influence in the community in regards to keeping talent in the local economy.

In addition, the second annual STEM Student Orientation was held in late August at SFCC. The event was partnered with an information session led by an Institutional Coordinator who discussed student retention goals; importance of proper advising; graduation preparation; and planned efforts, such as attendance at the Research Conference at NMSU and other scholastic efforts pertaining to STEM. Students also participated in team-building activities on the SFCC Challenge (Ropes) Course. With the Orientation and Information sessions, students are brought into the learning communities surrounding the Engineering program at SFCC. This is the primary event that blends "first years" (freshman students) with both continuing sophomore students and "third-years" (transfer students who come back to discuss transition challenges and offer mentorship.) SFCC has a well-developed pre-engineering program with strong connections to the STEM Club; however, the STEM Club is open to all STEM majors and participation across all STEM majors is strongly encouraged.

Through activities such as these, SFCC students develop professionally and learn the fulfillment of serving others by sharing their talents as well as the knowledge and experience they have been provided.

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