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New Mexico State University
New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation
College of Engineering

Who Should Attend

Although the conference is open to all students who are attending two-year and four-year colleges and universities, the conference is most relevant to students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and who want to know more about research. Faculty and staff who work with undergraduate students are also invited to attend. In addition, high school juniors and seniors who participate in the New Mexico Math, Engineering, Science Achievement, Inc., (NM MESA) program are also invited to attend.

Dr. Ricardo B. Jacquez Dean of Engineering and Director of New Mexico AMP; adds humor and fun to the Conference event in his role as Conference Moderator.


Dr.Chaitanga.jpg Dr.Howard

Dr. Vimal Chaintanya, NMSU Vice President of Research, announces the University Research Council (URC) winners for 2013 at the Conference.  NMSU faculty presents their research at the URC Conference, which
runs concurrently with the New Mexico AMP Conference.


Dr. Dan Howard, former NMSU Executive Vice President and Provost, presents a Welcome Address that kicked off the 2013 Conference.