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Contest Rules & Test Banks
(Select the bold blue title to go to the selection for the rules
i.e. click "Ag Mechanics Rules" to receive the Rules Document)

Public Speaking/Leadership
state contest in April

state contest in June at Convention

Agricultural Mechanics
NEW! Agronomy

Parliamentary Procedure

state contest in January at ENMU
Jr. High Events

state contest in February at NMLC

Misc. Scorecards
Jr High Prepared is under "Prepared Public Speaking"


General Rules      
Agricultural Issues Rules      
Agricultural Mechanics Rules Carpentry Identification PPT TOP
Ag Mech Scantron Concrete & Masonry Identification PPT  
  Electric Identification PPT  
  Engine Identification PPT  
  General Shop Identification PPT  
  Plumbing Identification PPT  
  Supplies & Materials Identification PPT  
  Welding/Cutting/ Hot & Cold Metals Identification PPT  
Agricultural Sales Rules
Agriscience Rules      
Agronomy Rules Agronomy Test Bank  
Agronomy Scantron General Knowledge Exam Example Adobe  
  Soil Report Yuma Wellton Adobe  
  Yuma Wellton Practicum Example Adobe  
  Yuma Wellton Practicum Key Adobe  
Creed Contest Rules Creed Questions Test Bank Adobe  
Dairy Cattle Rules SEE ALL Dairy Resources & Examples    
Dairy Cattle Scantron      
Entomology Rules Quiz 1 PPT  
Entomology Scantron Quiz 2 PPT  
  Quiz 3 PPT  
  Quiz 4 PPT  
  Quiz 5 PPT  
  12 Common Insects Adobe  
  Arthropods- Introduction PPT  
  Arthropods- Non-Insects PPT  
  Arthropods- Thysanura Thysanoptera PPT  
  Arthropods- Hemiptera PPT  
  Arthropods- Neuroptera- Coleoptera PPT  
  Arthropods- Lepidoptera-Siphonaptera PPT  
  Arthropods- Diptera-Hymenoptera PPT  
  Insect Collection and Curation PPT  
  Why Study Insects PPT  
  Pesticide Application Manual Webpage  
Extemporaneous Public Speaking Rules      
Farm Business Management Rules Economic Terms & Definitions Adobe  
FBM Scantron FBM Test Bank
(save to your computer)
Floriculture Rules Floriculture Test Bank Adobe  
Floriculture Scantron Floriculture Test Bank KEY Adobe  
  Plant Identification Webpage  
  Floriculture Tool ID PPT  
  Practice Quiz 1 PPT  
  Practice Quiz 2 PPT  
  Practice Quiz 3 PPT  
  Practice Quiz 4 PPT  
Food Science Rules Food Science Kits - Order Form
(not available May - August)
Food Science Scantron Customer Complaint Letter Adobe  
  Food Science List of Problems Adobe  
  Food Safety Sanitation Pics PPT  
  Links to Food Science & Safety Lessons Webpage  


Forestry Rules SEE ALL Foresty Resources and Links TOP
Forestry Scantron    

Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure Rules

GH Scorecard

  GH Oral Questions Adobe  
Homesite Rules      
Homesite Scantron     TOP
Horse Rules Horse Reasons and Key Classes Description Adobe  
Horse Scantron Google Search: Horse Judging Webpage  
Horticulture Produce Rules Horticulture Test Bank Adobe  
Hort Produce Scantron Horticulture Test Bank Key Adobe  
  Horticulture Produce ID PPT  
Job Interview Rules Job Interview Application Adobe  
Jr High Creed Rules JH Creed Question Pool Adobe  
Jr High Illustrated Talk Rules      
Opening Ceremonies Scorecard Adobe  
Jr High Quiz Bowl Rules
Land Evaluation Rules Oklahoma State Land Judging Tutorial Webpage TOP
Land Scantron Land Flow Diagram Adobe  
Landscape Design Rules Sample Drawing Interpretation Questions Adobe  
Landscape Design Scantron Sample Designs Adobe  
  Contest Approach Guidelines Adobe  
  Practice Design - Text/Directions Adobe  
  Practice Design - Drawing Adobe  
  2014 Landscape Design Interp. Test Adobe  
Livestock Rules Google Search: Livestock Judging Webpage  
Livestock Scantron      
Meats Rules TAMU Meats ID Webpage  
Meats Scantron 2013 Meats Problem Adobe  
Milk Quality and Products Rules Adobe  
Milk Quality/Prod Scantron Adobe  
Parliamentary Procedure Rules Parli Pro Practice Problems Adobe  
  State Parliamentary Procedure DVD Order Form    
  Click here for State Parliamentary Forms    
Pasture & Range Rules Identification PPT TOP
P&R Scantron Range Contest Book Webpage  
  NM Ecological Site Descriptions Webpage  
  SD2 Site Description    
Poultry Rules

Poultry Test Bank

Poultry Scantron Poultry Test Bank KEY Adobe  
  Poultry Math Test Adobe  

Poultry Math Test Bank Key

  Past Production Hens Adobe  
  Grading Ready-To-Cook Chickens Adobe  
  Parts Identification Adobe  
  Interior Egg Quality/Exterior Eggs/Egg Cartons Adobe  
Prepared Public Speaking Rules      
Quiz Rules

Greenhand Quiz Test Bank

  GreenhandQuiz Test Bank Key Adobe  
Veterinarian Science Rules Vet Science Test Bank Adobe  
Vet Science Scantron Vet Science Test Bank Key Adobe  
  2014 State Math Practicum with Answers Adobe  
  Practicum #1 Adobe  
  Practicum #1 Answers Adobe  
  Practicum #2 Adobe  
  Practicum #2 Answers Adobe  
  Practicum #3 Adobe  
  Vet Science Conversion Chart Adobe  

Vet Science ID #1

  Vet Science ID #2 PPT  
  Vet Science ID #3 PPT  
  Vet Science ID #4 PPT  
  Vet Science ID #5 PPT  
  Vet Science ID #6 PPT  
Wildlife Rules Wildlife Test Bank 1 Adobe  
Wildlife Scantron Wildlife Test Bank 1 KEY Adobe  
  Wildlife Test Bank 2 Adobe  
  Wildlife Test Bank 2 KEY Adobe  
  Wildlife Identification PPT  
  Wildlife Tracks Adobe  
  Wildlife Skulls Adobe  
Wildlife Quiz #1 PPT  
  Wildlife Quiz #2 PPT  
  Wildlife Quiz #3 PPT  
  Wildlife Quiz #4 PPT  
  Wildlife Quiz #5 PPT  
Wool Rules      
Wool Scantron      
Program of Activities Scorecard     TOP
Scrapbook Scorecard      

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