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2014-2015 State FFA Officers

2014-15 NMFFA Officers

State President

Kelsey Garner
Kelsey Garner
Cliff FFA


Hello New Mexico FFA! My name is Kelsey Garner and I’m from the Cliff FFA chapter. I am blessed to offer a year of my services as your State President. “Service” is what sparks my passion for FFA. I want to assist in members finding their call to serve. Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We, as FFA members, have the potential to change the world for the better.  That change we are striving for can be achieved by serving. I am blessed with the amazing opportunity to meet many new faces, devote my time to help others grow, and strive to ignite a fire of passion in all FFA members that I come across. With this chance, I hope that the encouragement I can offer will inspire FFA members to create a change to better our world. So, New Mexico FFA members let’s live to serve together so that we can be the change we wish to see in the world!

State Secretary


New Mexico FFA, my name is Uriel Munoz from the Texico FFA Chapter. It is my pleasure to serve you all as your 2014-2015 State Secretary.  I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to serve in this position. I hope to serve you all to the best of my abilities. “Living to Serve,” these three words finish off the FFA Motto, and have become my own personal motto. This year is going to be a great year, and I am excited to see everyone’s bright and shiny faces as I travel around the state. As part of my personal motto, you the members are what fuel me. I want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what; I am just a phone call or text away. Being in the FFA is the opportunity of a lifetime, and developing your potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success is vital when wanting to get the most of this organization. Be the best you, so that you can be New Mexico FFA.


Uriel Munoz
Uriel Munoz
Texico FFA


District Presidents / State Vice Presidents

District II
Colin Anderson
Collin Anderson
Clayton FFA


New Mexico FFA, My name is Collin Anderson and I am from the Clayton FFA Chapter. I have the honor and privilege of serving as the 2014-2015 District II President/ State Vice President. As a state officer, my duty is to YOU! I hope to encourage and inspire all of you with the positive messages offered by the FFA organization. I am always happy to see members who are motivated to better themselves. NMFFA, I challenge you to become better than the day before. To accomplish this goal, we can follow the FFA motto: “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve.” I am honored to be serving an organization that has given me so much. I am extremely excited for this year, I hope you are too! New Mexico FFA, as we are united in BLUE, let us continue to strive for GOLD!





Hello New Mexico FFA, my name is Kayle Miller and I have the honor of serving you and New Mexico FFA as your 2014-2015 District III President- State Vice President. I am proud to call Los Lunas my home and am ready to represent my chapter, district, state but most of all the members. My dream for this state is to get the members more involved in their chapters, communities, and districts. New Mexico may not have the biggest membership but it does have some of the greatest members. FFA and agriculture is the heart of this world, and we are its voice. Every member can make a difference and contribute to their part in that inspiring task. I believe in the future of agriculture and where it’s going to take us.

District III
Kayle Miller
Kayle Miller
Los Lunas FFA

District IV
Mitchell Pinnell
Mitchell Pinnell
Texico FFA

What’s up New Mexico FFA!? My name is Mitchell Wayne Pinnell and I’m ecstatic to serve as your 2014-2015 District IV President/ State Vice President! I hail from the Texico FFA chapter and will be attending New Mexico State University for my first year college! Crazy to think how all my life I have dreamed of becoming a state officer and now it has finally came true! I am so blessed to be a part of an organization that thrives on its members. My aspirations for this year are to help you as a member find your calling in FFA. The cool thing is: FFA has unlimited ways to help you grow personally and succeed infinitely! Today and for the rest of our lives we are given a choice. We can either sit back and watch others make the most of given opportunities, or we can make a change and do these things for ourselves. I pray that you see me as a strong, capable leader, just as I see the members as our backbone for FFA.



Hello New Mexico FFA! My name is Josh Beaver I am from the Dexter FFA chapter and I have been elected to serve as your 2014-2015 District V President/State Vice President. I am extremely happy to be serving this great organization! My goal as your state officer is to inspire the members, not only of my district, but the entire state to always strive for more. Challenge yourself on a daily basis and make sure that you are being you. After all, it is your life to live. The decisions you make will have a lasting impact on your life! Always remember to continue to pursue your goals and never give up the hope of achieving them. One more attempt could hold the key to success, unlocking and opening doors for you to grow as a person. I strongly believe that failure is not a step back; it is simply one step closer. Thomas Edison said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up; many times the key to success lies in trying just one more time.” New Mexico FFA, I challenge you to never give up on what you believe in and always pursue your goals. Remember life is full of failures, how you handle those is what truly determines the outcome. 


District V
Josh Beaver
Josh Beaver
Dexter FFA


District VI
Savannah Gillis
Savannah Gillis
Hot Springs FFA

Hello FFA! My name is Savannah Gillis, and I am thrilled to be serving as your 2014-2015 District VI President/ State Vice-President! I am from the Hot Springs FFA Chapter, located in Truth or Consequences, NM, and have been elected to serve YOU this year. This upcoming year I will be a senior and am planning on attending NMSU the following fall after graduation. This organization is truly incredible, because we are working together to achieve any goals, dreams, and desires that we have, despite obstacles that may be coming our way.  A wise man once told me that, “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.” I am a firm believer that if we choose to respond to life in a positive manner, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! Ladies and Gentlemen of the FFA organization, let’s take this year by the horns and become even more unstoppable in overcoming anything and everything!

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