"Places of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro"

The "Places of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro" photograph exhibition portrays the rich and diverse heritage of the people who live in cities and small towns along the historic Camino Real.

These color photographs taken by Adrian Caldera from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico capture the charisma, lifestyles, and vibrant character of the people and places along the trail in present times.

Adobe Fort - Ojuelos, Jalisco (94202 bytes)       Hermitage and Fort - Asientos, Aguascalientes (65007 bytes)       Cienega Grande Chapel - Asientos, Aguascalientes (70113 bytes)       El Tepozan Bridge - Asientos, Aguascalientes (45819 bytes)       Guadalupe Sanctuary - Asientos, Aguascalientes (49210 bytes)
Adobe Fort                          Hermitage and Fort     Cienega Grande Chapel    "El Tepozan" Bridge    Guadalupe Sanctuary
Ojuelos, Jalisco                    Asientos,                    Asientos, Aguascalientes    Asientos,                      Asientos, 
                                            Aguascalientes                                                      Aguascalientes            Aguascalientes 

Camino Real - Asientos, Aguascalientes (36931 bytes)       18th Century Mausoleum - Asientos, Aguascalientes (59070 bytes)       Tepezala Temple - Tepezala, Aguascalientes (37847 bytes)       San Jose de Letras' Stronghold - Aguascalientes (44448 bytes)       Cienega de Mata Hacienda - Aguascalientes (62593 bytes)
The Camino Real        18th Century                 Tepezala Temple                  San Jose de Letras'            Cienega de Mata Hacienda  
Asientos,                      Mausoleum                   Tepezala,                            Stronghold                          Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes            Asientos,                        Aguascalientes                    Aguascalientes

La Quemada Pillar Hall - Chicomostoc, Zacatecas (70112 bytes)         La Quemada Votiva Piramide and stairs - Chicomostoc, Zacatecas (59578 bytes)         Hidalgo Theatre - Chicomostoc, Zacatecas (65841 bytes)         Historic Site - Zacatecas (241067 bytes)        Zacatecas Cathedral - Zacatecas, Zacatecas (76070 bytes)
Archeological Zone     Archeological Zone                   Hidalgo Theatre              Historic Site             Zacatecas Cathedral
"La Quemada"             "La Quemada"                         
Chimostepec,                  Zacatecas,                Zacatecas,
Pillar Hall                    Votiva Piramide and stairs       
Zacatecas                       Zacatecas                 Zacatecas
Chicomostoc,               Chicomostoc,
Zacatecas                    Zacatecas

God's Footprint - Zacatecas (27337 bytes)       Abandoned Church - Zacatecas (65865 bytes)           Silo - Santa Monica, Zacatecas (93955 bytes)          Church - Nombre de Dios, Durango (92061 bytes)       Church - Durango, Durango (78803 bytes)
God's Footprint           Abandoned Church                    Silo                                  Church                          Church
Zacatecas                   Zacatecas                                   Santa Monica,                  Nombre de Dios,           Durango, Durango
                                                                                      Zacatecas                         Durango 

Durango Cathedral - Durango, Durango (230344 bytes)       Mill Stone - Durango (66822 bytes)       Sr. de Mapimi Retablo - Cuencame, Durango (78669 bytes)       Arch - Nazas, Durango (53135 bytes)       Nazas - Nazas, Durango (78916 bytes)
Durango Cathedral                Mill Stone                             Sr. de Mapimi                 Arch                           Nazas
Durango, Durango                 Durango                                Retablo                          Nazas, Durango         Nazas, Durango
                                                                                           Cuencame, Durango

Train Station - Durango (154768 bytes)       North Map Marker - Durango (68785 bytes)       Cerro Gordo - Villa Hidalgo, Durango(63108 bytes)       Abandoned Hacienda - Durango (54553 bytes)       Clear Water Canyon - Durango (54048 bytes)
Train Station               La Ferreria                              Cerro Gordeo                       Abandoned Hacienda           Clear Water Canyon
Durango                     Archeological Site                   Villa Hidalgo, Durango        Durango                                 Durango

Church - Santa Barbara, Chihuahua (62455 bytes)       The Door - San Francisco de Conchos, Chihuahua (45609 bytes)       Church - Villa Coronado, Chihuahua (52020 bytes)       Chihuahua Cathedral - Chihuahua, Chihuahua (69538 bytes)          Church - Aldama, Chihuahua (70567 bytes)
Church                       The Door                                  Church                                  Chihuahua Cathedral         Church
Santa Barbara,          San Francisco de Conchos,       Villa Coronado,                     Chihuahua,                       Aldama,
Chihuahua                 Chihuahua                                Chihuahua                            Chihuahua                        Chihuahua

Santa Ana de Chinarras - Aldama, Chihuahua (58979 bytes)       Church - Aldama, Chihuahua (73838 bytes)       Plaza de Armas - Juarez, Chihuahua (51365 bytes)       San Elceario Church - San Elizario, Texas (67778 bytes)     Rainbow Way - Santa Fe, New Mexico(73968 bytes)
Santa Ana de Chinarras      Church                                   Plaza de Armas                      San Elceario  Church            RainbowWay
Aldama, Chihuahua            Aldama, Chihuahua             Juarez, Chihuahua                  San Elizario, Texas               Santa Fe, New Mexico

San Miguel - Santa Fe, New Mexico (49892 bytes)          Cristo Rey - Santa Fe, New Mexico (67795 bytes)     Oven - Embudo, New Mexico (244846 bytes)       Chimayo Sanctuary (1816)- Chimayo, New Mexico (56793 bytes)       San Lorenzo de Picuris (1776)- Picuris, New Mexico (59681 bytes)       
San Miguel                     Cristo Rey                           Oven                                      Chimayo Sanctuary                 San Lorenzo             
Santa Fe, New Mexico   Santa Fe, New Mexico        Embudo, New Mexico            Chimayo, New Mexico             de Picuris                   
                                                                                                                                Picuris, New Mexico

City of Gold - Picuris, New Mexico (89327 bytes)         Church of San Josť de Garcia (1760)- Trampas, New Mexico (64762 bytes)       St. Jerome Chapel (1850) - Taos, New Mexico (52537 bytes)        St. Francis of Assisi Mission (1780) - Rancho de Taos, New Mexico (60345 bytes)       Taos Pueblo - Taos, New Mexico (51436 bytes)
City of Gold                     Church of San Josť             St. Jerome Chapel          St. Francis de Assisi             Taos Pueblo
Picuris, New Mexico         de Garcia                            Taos, New Mexico          Mission                                Taos, New Mexico
                                        Trampas, New Mexico                                               Rancho de Taos, 
                                                                                                                          New Mexico                   

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