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New Mexico State University

Philosophy Alumni and Faculty Endowed Scholarship and Paul T. Sagal Scholarship

The Philosophy Department awards two  annual scholarship of approximately $300-$500 to two Philosophy majors who will be either a junior or a senior in the upcoming academic year.  Interested parties should submit a letter of application to the Philosophy Department containing content relevant to the following categories:

  • Your name
  • Current GPA
  • Philosophical interests
  • Philosophical ambitions
  • Philosophy courses taken, including the grades you received for each course
  • Perhaps other courses related to philosophy that you have taken, including the grades
  • Philosophical papers that you have presented (if any)
  • Philosophical publications (if any)
  • Membership in any philosophical organizations, including any leadership positions
  • An argument illustrating why you deserve to be a recipient of this scholarship
  • A polished, philosophical writing sample, e.g., a term paper you a proud of

All entries must be submitted to the Philosophy Department by 5:00 pm on April 23rd , 2014.

The Philosophy Department hopes to award the scholarship by the end of this semester.