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October 20, 1999

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Katrina Doolittle, Mike Abernethy, Linda Perez, Paul LaPorte, Stephen Lopez, Angela Velasco, and Richard Long


Guest: Lt. Manny Terrazas


The monthly meeting of the Safety Committee was called to order at 3:35 p.m. by Richard Long, Chair. 


Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as submitted.


Katrina Doolittle distributed a draft of the Environmental Health and Safety Policy.  This draft is based on the policy that the University of Utah follows.  Katrina stated that she would like the Safety Committee to discuss this Policy.  Katrina stated that Dr. Gary Cunningham asked that a safety policy be drafted for inclusion in the AP&P Manual.  Richard Long stated that anything printed in the AP&P Manual has to be approved by Faculty Senate.  Katrina stated that she would e-mail the draft to all committee members for viewing and suggestions because not all members attend the monthly meetings.


Michael Abernethy stated that the non-employee incident report is similar to an existing one and he suggested standardizing the existing report.  Mr. Abernethy will make these changes for the Safety committee to view.


Stephen Lopez, stated that Lt. Manny Terrazas will be replacing Lt. Dominic King on the Safety Committee representing the Police Department.  Stephen Lopez asked Michael Abernethy,  Director for Purchasing, if they were going to add personnel to help with risk management.  Michael stated that Purchasing has been denied additional personnel.   Michael gave a brief discussion on duties performed by the Purchasing Office regarding risk management.


Angela Velasco asked if there is a policy in place regarding workers’ responsibility for safety issues.  Katrina stated that the Personnel disciplinary policy should be used in the event an employee continues unsafe acts safety or has repetitive injuries, per Pete Gonzales from Personnel.


Katrina Doolittle stated that Lisa McGee will no longer represent the Safety Committee as a member and she suggested asking Greg Phillips or Dave Thompson as replacements.  Richard Long stated he contacted the Dean of Ag and Home Economics regarding this issue, but they had not responded.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM.  The next University Safety Committee meeting will be December 15, 1999.


Respectfully Submitted,                                                                        


Bea Pacheco

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