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September 13, 2000

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Katrina Doolittle, Richard Long, Jamie Marrujo, Alex Barreras, and Linda Misquez (for Patty Frank)

 The Safety Committee was called to order at 3:43 p.m. by Chair Richard Long.


Katrina Doolittle briefed the members present on the Safety Exposition and Trade Show to take place at Corbett Center on September 15. Richard Long stated that individuals involved in the Safety Exposition and Trade Show should be acknowledged for the hard work and time involved putting it together. Jaime Marrujo made a motion to recognize those individuals involved in the Safety Exposition and Trade Show. Katrina Doolittle seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Katrina discussed the Employee Safety Handbook stating that the Environmental Health and Safety Policy will be incorporated into the handbook and that hopefully it will be issued and used as a training guide in employee orientations. She stated that Ron Roberts, a student in Health Sciences, helped develop the handbook. Further stating that she briefly introduced the Employee Safety Handbook in an orientation that Timothy Pettibone organized for over 300 graduate students. Katrina will direct the finished copy of the Employee Safety Handbook to Dr. Gary Cunningham and President Jay Gouge with a letter incorporated for their approval and signature.


Katrina stated that David Shearer, from the Safety Office, has done a great job creating the web page for the Office, and he is open for suggestions to create a more informative page. Further stating that registration for training offered through the Safety Office may be accomplished through the web page.


Safety Performance Assessment Tool discussion was tabled till the November 3rd Safety Committee Meeting.



Katrina Doolittle briefly described the incident in Chemistry Department that caused an explosion/fire and she stated that the laboratory had to be closed. After the laboratory and safety protocol were evaluated, the laboratory was reopened for use.


Katrina stated that recommendations made by Ben Woods were incorporated in the Safety Policy and it was reviewed and approved by John Darden, University Attorney (and Ben Woods, Vice President for Facilities and Services).


Katrina suggested creating an AdHoc committee to deal with specific safety concerns throughout campus and have appropriate personnel from different areas become involved/members.

Richard Long will direct a memorandum he drafted via e-mail to all Safety Committee Members, asking members to send an alternate to the meetings when they are unable to attend.


Katrina stated that David Haley had checked with other universities on their smoking policy and all universities he checked had a regulated smoking policy in place. Richard Long said he would check on NMSU's’ smoking policy. Katrina informed the committee that Jeffery Arterburn, from Chemistry, had organized a safety committee for their department.


Katrina stated that there is a general lightning safety guideline in the Employee Safety Handbook.


Richard Long asked if there was any news regarding the ergonomic training that Angela Velasco said was being initiated through State Risk Management. Members present had not heard anything in regards to this training.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:22 P.M.. The next University Safety Committee meeting will be November 15, 2000.  

Respectfully Submitted,


Bea Pacheco, Environmental Health & Safety

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