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November 15, 2000

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Katrina Doolittle, David Shearer, Jamie Marrujo, Patty Frank, Angela Velasco, Linda Perez, Sue Bishop, Robert Rhodes, Linda Perez, Paul LaPorte, and Eusebio Chavira

The Safety Committee was called to order at 3:35 p.m. by Katrina Doolittle


1) Katrina Doolittle provided information on the progress of the Environmental Health and Safety statement for NMSU. It is undergoing additional review of the responsibilities section. The general policy is to be in AP&P manual, details will be published on the Safety Web Page. http://www.nmsu.edu/~safety/policy-link.htm


1) Katrina explained that in the future a quorum would be required for holding Safety Committee meetings.

2) The NMSU Smoking policy was discussed. Concerns have been raised on situations where smoke from individuals smoking at entry areas is being pulled into buildings by the Heating Ventilation Air Control (HVAC).

a) David Shearer provided a summary of documents related to the smoking policy.

(i) NM Clean Air Act, NM House Bill 48 (effective 1/1/86)
(ii) NMSU Smoking Policy (approved Admin Council 10/16/91)
(iii) Smoking Policy per AP&P manual (also see EH&S Polices)

b) Members discussed whether the designation of a Public Place applied to campus areas outside buildings or just inside the building. This applies to the Stadium during games because this fit the definition of a public meeting.

c) A proposal was made to place signs to restrict smoking within 50' of entry areas, similar to recent ordnance passed by City of Las Cruces. NM Clean Air Act and NMSU Policy indicates that No Smoking signs should be posted at entry to a non-smoking building. This was tabled.

d) Sue Bishop made a motion that a proposal should be sent to Vice President Cunningham to request that the Vice Presidents, Deans, or major Directors responsible for a campus building designate smoking permitted areas outside each building away from the entryways and HVAC intakes. David seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

3) Katrina announced that the Environmental Health & Safety (a.k.a. Safety Office) now provides a Hazardous Waste Management Class to help comply with EPA regulations and that at least one person from each area should attend. 

4) Katrina noted that EH&S was NMSU representative for State and Federal inspections and that departments need to notify the EH&S if a OSHA, EPA or other regulatory inspector comes on campus.

5) The members discussed incentives to increase interest in safety in the workplace. Suggestions included:

(a) including EH&S review in personnel evaluations
(b) giving attaboys/recognition to departments that are safe (but would need an assessment tool to determine who should be recognized)
(c) to raise awareness in safety via Roundup, Page One and other campus publications
(d) adopt a formal or informal recognition system
No consensus was reached

6) Angela Velasco, Personnel, announced that State Risk Management would be here in January for an audit of ergonomics concerns.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 P.M.. The next University Safety Committee meeting will be February 28, 2001.

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