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February 28, 2001

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Jaime Marrujo, Patricia Frank, Angela Velasco, Linda Perez, Eusebio Chavira, Paul LaPorte, Mike Abernethy, Richard Long, Katrina Doolittle, David Shearer, and Gary Cunningham

The Safety Committee was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Richard Long


1) The NMSU Smoking policy was discussed.

a) Memorandum to Cunningham, VP Research, regarding the Smoking Policy was passed around for comments. The letter recommended that smoking permitted areas be designated for each building.
b) Cunningham suggested that NMSU be designated a smoke free campus except in designated areas. He indicated the area for people to retreat and smoke are limited, so there might be requests to provide such areas.
c) Chavira pointed out that HVAC air intakes might pose a problem for providing smoking areas as many buildings use the entryways as part of the air intake.
d) Doolittle stated that under the policy Vice-Presidents, Deans and Directors are the individuals who decide whether a building is deemed smoking or non-smoking.
e) Cunningham suggested that the Committee make a recommendation to change the current policy.
f) Long made a motion to send the memo forward; the vote was unanimous.
g) Abernethy made a motion that the Environmental Health & Safety research the existing smoking policies to determine what buildings and if state vehicles have been designated as non-smoking.

2) Katrina announced that the Safety Office name has officially changed to Environmental Health & Safety


1) Information about the Emergency Notification System being set up by University Police was provided by Doolittle.

a) The system is to be used for campus wide emergencies or threats, for example severe winds, tornado or lightning.
b) There are 35 receivers that will be set up in specific areas around campus. The plan is that a broadcast will be sent to the receiver, then the appointed individuals will distribute the warning and recommendations.
c) Doolittle said that Lou Cabot, Police Chief, will distribute instructions for users to follow. Cunningham stated that the system should not be implemented until each area had developed their communication network to disseminate the information.
d) Doolittle suggested that the Safety Committee keep up with the details of this Emergency Notification System, and point out any discrepancies.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 P.M.. The next University Safety Committee meeting will be May 2, 2001 (The Safety Committee Meeting was scheduled for April 25, 2001 but rescheduled to May 2, 2001 as the Library conference room was not available on the 25th).

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