Wed Nov 7 11:08:48 2001 
From: Bea Pacheco, EH&S 

Subject: Re: Safety Measures for Handling Mail 

Safety measures for handling mail will be presented in an open forum on  Tuesday, November 13th from 2:00 pm -3:30 pm in Corbett Center > Auditorium. > 

Representatives from Mail Services, Police Department, Department of > Fire and Emergency Services, Environmental Health & Safety and Employee > Health Services will provide an overview of NMSU procedures for handling > > suspect mail. 

This includes methods to identify suspect mail and how > to protect yourself, what to do if you find a suspicious package, the > NMSU protocol for handling potentially hazardous materials, and medical > information about anthrax. > > 

An archived version of the presentation will be available on Horizon > Live for easy access through the web. Direct links to this presentation > > will be posted.