Subject: University Environmental Health & Safety Policy and Spring Safety Classes
From: David Shearer
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 16:34:48 -0700
To: ABCD distribution , NMSU-postings

Responsibility and Training Requirements
As a business the University System  must comply with many federal, state, and local regulations.
Employees, i.e. Faculty, Staff, Supervisors, Lab Managers, Department Heads, and Administrators, should be aware of
  • their responsibilities under OSHA/EPA Regulations as mirrored in the University Environmental Health and Safety Policy (in AP&P Manual and in policy section on the NMSU safety website (URL=; and

  • training requirements (for their protection or for workers under their supervision /or administration). Checklists of the required training and documentation are provided on the NMSU safety website (for research & lab areas and for general (non-lab) & shop areas )


    Spring 2002 Training Schedule
    The schedules for the safety and defensive driving classes for the spring 2002 semester have been posted on the NMSU safety web page. Use the following links to view the respective information.
    Please use the online registration form to register for any of these classes.
  • Registration for University Safety Classes

  • (URL= http://www.NMSU.Edu/~safety/training/class_reg_form.htm)
  • Registration for Defensive Driving Classes  (only)

  • (URL= http://www.NMSU.Edu/~safety/training/class_reg_formddc.html)

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