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January 23, 2002 

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Jaime Marrujo, Eusebio Chavira, Richard Long, Katrina Doolittle, Patty Frank, Linda Perez, Michael Abernethy, Angela Velasco, Tom Reichardt

Alternates Present:  Griselda Fino (Intramurals)

The regular Safety Committee was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Richard Long, Chair.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved, with the following correction: member Thomas Reichardt last name was misspelled in the body of the minutes, correct spelling is Reichardt.


1. Publicizing the safety committee minutes on the website was addressed.

 a. Katrina Doolittle stated that the minutes would be beneficial throughout campus if they were accessible on EH&S website, however they would also be open for public to view.

b. Mike Abernethy stated that Nina Singleton, University Communications, reviews publications for web release.  Katrina Doolittle will contact University Communications for their recommendations.

2. NMSU Loss Control Trends were discussed.

a. Mike Abernethy stated that 25% of automobile collision claims are attributed to NMSU fleet vehicles reversing from parked areas.

 b. Katrina stated that she would have Defensive Driving Course (DDC) instructors dedicate more time on safe backing procedures during training.  Members noted that a refresher course in defensive driving may help control/eliminate this problem.

c. A vehicle use policy is being written by Barry Law, OFS;  Mike Abernethy, Purchasing; and Katrina Doolittle, EH&S for review by VP Woods with hopes to establish a NMSU Vehicle Use Policy.

d. Mike Abernethy stated that other types of loss control trends are property claims such as: hail, wind, fire, civil rights, general liability, tort, and mal practice.

3. Committee membership was reviewed.

a. Katrina stated that Housing, Police, and Fire Department have not had members or alternates present for the past three scheduled Safety Committee Meetings (one year).  Richard Long will request new members be appointed from Housing, Special Events, Corbett Center.  Katrina will contact Fire and Police for representation.

b. Discussions for Committee selection of new Chair was tabled until next meeting.


1. Scheduling of safety committee meetings were discussed.

a. It was stated that the safety committee should meet quarterly (every third month), but should be open for special meetings should the need arise.

b. The January 23rd meeting will be in lieu of the meeting in February.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.  The next University Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled May 23, in the New Library, Dean Titus's Conference area,  room #215, from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm.

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