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May 15, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Chris Pennise, Richard Long, Katrina Doolittle, Greg Phillips, Linda Perez, Angela Velasco, and Tom Reichardt

New Members: Jose Gamon, Doug Parten (Special Events) and Tammy May (Animal & Range Sciences).

Alternates Present: Bob Smiggen (Housing)

The regular Safety Committee was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Richard Long, Chair.  Katrina Doolittle thanked
Tammy May and Doug Parten for attending the meeting and becoming members.


1. Committee selection of new Chair was tabled until next meeting again.

a.    Richard Long stated that the new Chair position will be tabled pending interim Vice Provost for Research, Miley Gonzales review on committees functions. He will make a decision for new Chair based on the committees purpose.

b.    Katrina Doolittle will provide information regarding the Committee's role.

c..    Bob Smiggens made a motion to table the selection of chair until next meeting. Jose Gamon second the motion, which carried unanimously.


1.    Introduction of new members to the Safety Committee

a.    Katrina introduced Tammy May representing Animal & Range Sciences and Doug Parten to represent Special Events both areas are new additions to the committee. Bob Smiggen represents housing temporarily, but will recommend permanent replacement. Jose Gamon has been selected to represent Office of Facilities and Services (OFS), replacing Chevo Chavira.

2. Tailgating was discussed.

a.    Bob Smiggen stated that some tailgating activities do not have approval. He stated that the consumption of alcohol is one of the major problem without approval.

b.    Katrina motioned for the ASNMSU, Alumni, and Athletic offices to submit the same activity approvals that other departments/offices on campus have to propose. Tom Reichardt second the motion, which was passed unanimously.

c.    It was stated that something has to be done before the start of the fall semester. Richard Long will forward a memorandum to directors of these offices asking them to route activity request forms for tailgating events.

4. Katrina briefly discussed training administered by Environmental Health & Safety staff.

a.    Katrina stated that she would like to develop a safety training programs in remote areas through webbased learning programs. She stated that in the past inspections have been conducted at branch campuses and Ag Science Centers every few years. Only recently has training been provided to Alamogordo and DABCC.

5. Proposed improvement of emergency notification system was briefly discussed.

a.    Katrina distributed information describing a proposed improvement of the NMSU emergency notification system. She stated that the notification system uses telephones to relay an emergency message.

b.    Katrina stated that Police has allocated $16,000 for the initial implementation of the emergency network service and that Telecommunication & Networking Services offers $5,000 per year for recurring costs.

c.    Richard Long asked Katrina if this system does not work what will be used as the back-up. She said the radio method in place now would have to be the secondary support.

d.    Tom Reichardt asked what actions would be taken to notify satellite classrooms. Katrina stated that professors/instructors would be notified by cellular telephones.

e.    It was stated that other universities utilize a public address system. Katrina advised that Goddard Tower PA was tested at Hadley Hall and that employees inside the building did not hear the message.

f.    Greg Phillips conveyed that the fire alarm at Skeen Hall did not sound loud enough for individuals to hear inside the classrooms when doors were closed. Katrina will ask OFS to have these alarms evaluated.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 P.M. The next University Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled August 21, 2002.

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