Subject: NMSU Emergency Action Plan
From: David Shearer
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 17:17:32 -0600
To: ABCD distribution

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Emergency Action Plan (aka EAP or Building Evacuation Plan)

Department heads and other division managers and supervisors should note the following requirements under NMSU Emergency Action Program and OSHA regulations:

If as a department head (division manager or supervisor) you feel you have an updated EAP, please complete the form below.

A response from each department (division, etc.) is requested by August 31, so EH&S can provide Administration with information on the status of preparedness of the Colleges and divisions of the University.  If your unit manager has not received this request please forward a copy.

Again, EH&S will hold three, one-hour classes in August on Emergency Action Planning. We recommend that the department head and/or EAP coordinator attend.  Registration is via the web link at

Please note that unannounced evacuation drills will be conducted in September on at least three non-residence buildings.

Thank you

David Shearer, Industrial Hygienist
Chuck Ryder, Laboratory Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety

If the following doesn't appear as a form with a submit button or you have questions in submitting the form,
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NOTE - The following form is no longer valid or used. 2004

Emergency Action Plan Response
1) General
 a) Name (providing information):
 b) College/Division:
 c) Department:
 d) Building:
2) Designated 
 a) EAP coordinator:
 b) alternate coordinator:
3) EAP designated assembly location:
4) EAP document location where accessible (posted) for employees:
5) Are current evacuation route maps posted?: Yes   No 
6) Are provisions in place for those in department areas that may need assistance and, if applicable, for special shut down procedures?:  Yes    No 


David Shearer  
Industrial Hygienist, Compliance Officer
New Mexico State University
Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)