Subject: REMINDER - NMSU Emergency Action Plan
From: David Shearer
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:27:09 -0600
To: ABCD distribution

This memo will be distributed by both email (to ABCD-list and to dept. heads, managers & deans w/email) and by campus mail (to all campus departments).  Please accept our apology if you receive duplicates.  This is a reminder for all NMSU departments heads and other division managers of your obligation and the need to respond.  If you need more information please call, email or attend one of the training session.  If you have responded, thank you.

In Ref:
Emergency Action Plan (aka EAP or Building Evacuation Plan)
Department heads and other division managers and supervisors should note the following requirements under NMSU Emergency Action Program and OSHA regulations:

If as a department head (division manager or supervisor) you feel you have an updated EAP, please submit your information to the EAP database via the policies link at (http://www.NMSU.Edu/~safety/policies/policy_emergency_action_plan.htm)

A response from each department (division, etc.) is requested by August 31, so EH&S can provide Administration with information on the status of preparedness of the Colleges and divisions of the University.  If your unit manager has not received this request please forward a copy.

Again, EH&S will hold several, one-hour classes beginning in August on Emergency Action Planning. We recommend that the department head and/or EAP coordinator attend.  Registration & schedule are on the EH&S safety web at

Please note that unannounced evacuation drills will be conducted in this fall on at least three non-residence campus buildings.

Thank you

David Shearer, Industrial Hygienist
Chuck Ryder, Laboratory Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety

David Shearer  
Industrial Hygienist, Compliance Officer
New Mexico State University
Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)