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August 21, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT:  Richard Long, Katrina Doolittle,, Greg Phillips, Linda Perez, Angela Velasco, Tom Reichardt, Jose Gamon, Louis Cabot, and Mike Abernethy.

NEW MEMBERS: Joe Fedak, Intramurals, replacing Paul LaPorte and Chief Lou Cabot, NMSU Police Dept, replacing Dominic King.

The regular Safety Committee Meeting was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Richard Long, Chair.  The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.


1. Update on control of alcohol use during per game activities

 a. Chief Lou Cabot stated that alcohol use during per game is difficult to control.  He stated that they are trying to control this by legalizing the sell of alcohol and food in designated areas during tailgating.   This is being discussed by Chief Cabot, Michael Abernethy, and Debbie Widger.  Chief Cabot stated that NMSU will contract Sodexho Marriott for the sell of food and alcohol; the plan is to construct two tents for this purpose during tailgating.  He stated that individual that are consuming will not be permitted to leave the tent area with alcohol.

2. Emergency Notification System update

a. Katrina Doolittle stated that the new emergency notification system has been presented to the Administrative Council and Disability Advisory Board with positive feedback.  A request for proposal has been submitted to Purchasing.

b. Katrina stated that she has been asked the following questions;   What will be done if the new system does not function properly?  What will be the alternative route?  She stated that the radios currently in use will be used as back up if the new system fails.

3. Selection of Safety Committee Chair

a. Richard Long made a motion to nominate Katrina Doolittle, replacing him, as the new Safety Committee Chair Person.  Jose Gamon seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

b. Richard Long has been the Chair Person for the Safety Committee since October 1987.  Richard Long was instrumental in getting the NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety adopted by New Mexico State University.


NMSU Safety Week

a. Katrina distributed a flyer announcing Safety Week and a Safety Fair taking place September 9th - 12th.  Training will be provided such as: rescue breathing, hazard communication, planning for emergencies, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), hazardous waste, electrical safety/housekeeping, and get out/stay out fire safety. 

b. The Safety Fair will be featured on the International Mall @ the Horseshoe on the 11th with exhibits to include: seat belt and car seat inspections, fatal vision goggles, breath-a-lyzer demonstrations to test alcohol levels, fire safety information, fire apparatus static display, mobile command static display, and waste battery collection.  NMSU Safety Week is sponsored by EH&S, Fire, and Police Departments.  Katrina stated that this is open to NMSU faculty, students, staff and to the public.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.  The next University Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled December 4, 2002.

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