Subject: Campus Water System
From: Tina Patton
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:38:48 -0600

TO: ABCD Distribution

FROM: Benjamin Woods, Vice President, Human & Physical Resources

SUBJECT: Campus Water System

Within the next few days, NMSU will be publishing a notice in the local newspaper that our water system experienced positive tests for bacteria.  Whenever a "positive" test occurs we immediately take additional samples to validate the first test -- one at the same location, and two more in adjacent areas.  All samples tested negative for any bacteria, i.e., they showed the system to be "clean."

A positive test result is only an indicator that a problem may exist. Typically, it will result from introduction of foreign material or untreated water into the system.  It can also result from minor error in sampling procedure, as the organisms which produce a positive result are extremely common in the environment.  They are found in soil, surface waters, and even people's skin.  If the person collecting the sample touches the inside of the vial, neglects to flush the sample site thoroughly, etc., it will usually result in a positive test.

While our water is safe, we want our campus users to know that we are taking no chances.  We are aggressively pursuing additional protective measures.  We have significantly increased the rate of chlorine injection, expanded our water testing, and are flushing strategic parts of our distribution system.  Because we have increased chlorine levels, you may notice a slight odor in your water.

Please contact David Bollschweiler (646-7844) or Rich MacRorie (646-2101) if you have any questions.
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