Subject: Clarification [Fwd: Free chemicals]
From: David Shearer
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:33:17 -0700
To: NMSU postings

This is a clarification to a previous email to ABCD posting, Subject: Free Chemicals (Nov. 8 - attached)

NMSU does not and can not provide Free Chemicals to outside groups or individuals (with possible exception for special programs).  Typically the materials are state or federally funded for educational or research use under NMSU oversight, so the liability for proper use or disposal remains with NMSU.  NMSU organizational units should be aware of the following:

  1. Under OSHA requirements - As part of NMSU (the company) Hazard Communication Program, all chemicals used by the University (departments, research centers, and branch campuses) must be declared as part of their Chemical Inventory, safety information (MSDS) must be obtained, and users must be trained (see Hazard Communication Program under Policy).  University organizational units must ensure that the chemical inventories are kept and MSDS are obtained for all chemical products purchased, received, or used by employees 

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  3. To meet obligations under EPA requirements, EH&S is responsible for (and/or oversight of) hazardous waste disposal and chemical product redistribution as part of our Hazardous Waste Disposal and Waste Minimization Program (see Hazardous Waste Disposal under Policy).  University departments, research centers, and branch campuses may share chemicals within their units, however they need to contact EH&S before distributing to other groups and/or to arrange disposal of hazardous waste or chemicals. The liability for improper use or disposal could well exceed the entire University budget.

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  5. Biology contacted EH&S and has a method in place to distribute chemicals to on-campus researchers (only) by having them sign out for the items and verify that they are receiving the MSDSs with the chemicals.  They must include their department and phone number on the form.

  6.  .
  7. Donated materials from outside the University - Please note: employees, departments, research centers, and branch campuses should contact EH&S before receiving donations of chemical products (or equipment with hazardous or controlled materials - radiation, etc.). Typically the disposal cost of unused donated chemical products (or of hazardous material within equipment) far exceeds the cost saving from the donations.  Certain material/equipment may need licensing, registration and/or training before use.
If you have questions on the purchase, use, disposal or training requirements for chemical products for University business, please consult the EH&S website at For specific requirements please call EH&S at 646-3327


David Shearer

Subject: Free chemicals
From: Linda Perez
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 10:19:58 -0800

Attached is a list of chemicals that the Biology Storeroom is trying to get rid of.  These chemicals are left over from retired faculty.  Come by and get them at  your leisure.  Anything left on November 18th will be boxed up as waste for EH&S.


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