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December 4, 2002

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Richard Long, Katrina Doolittle, David Shearer, Greg Phillips, Linda Perez, Jaime Marrujo, Chris Pennise, Jose Flores, Angela Velasco, Jose Gamon, Thomas Reichardt, Louis Cabot, and Ben Woods.

The regular Safety Committee Meeting was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Katrina Doolittle, Chair.  The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.   


1.   Award presentation to Richard Long

a. Katrina Doolittle presented Richard Long with a recognition award from all members past, present and Vice President Ben Woods’ Office for his dedicated leadership as Chairperson on the Safety Committee.  Katrina stated that Dr. Long’s leadership was instrumental in securing the adoption of the NMSU Guide to Laboratory Safety and Environmental Health & Safety Policy by New Mexico State University.

2.   Vice President Ben Woods addressed Homeland Security and Emergency Response Planning

a.  Katrina introduced Vice President Ben Woods and noted the committee now reports to VP Woods.

b.  VP Woods thanked members for their participation on all safety issues.  He stated that we must review homeland security and emergency response internally and that it is important to focus on safety and training.  VP Woods stated that it is imperative to take steps in order to prepare and respond to all levels of impending threats.  

3.   VP Ben Woods asked members present for recommendation on pedestrian cross walk safety

a.  VP Woods stated that the cross walks at O’Donnell Hall and the Activity Center at Stewart Street is a continuous problem.  Several recommendations were provided.  He stated that they have studied a few possibilities but nothing has been implemented, they want to do something that gives positive results.


1.   Chemical Inventory

a.  Katrina stated that EH&S created a web page to help departments maintain chemical inventories regularly.  She stated that this is beneficial to everyone involved in emergency response or daily management of chemicals. 

2.    Emergency Action Plan

a.  Katrina stated that an Emergency Action Plan is required of all departments on main and branch campuses. David Sheared reported that approximately four hundred departments have submitted an Emergency Action Plan; however, there are still critical areas that did not know if they had a plan in place

3.       Up-date on Emergency Notification System

a.  Katrina stated that the best solution for the Emergency Notification System would be the revised 911 system backed up by a radio based network that is now in place.  Bids were placed and only one company responded with an extremely high bid of $60,000 per year.  Katrina stated that it will go out for bid again.

4.   Security throughout campus

a.  Katrina stated that the Police Department is currently working on identifying areas that need additional security.  Special consideration is given to biosafety level 3 laboratories that work with select agents.  These facilities require that electronic locks are in place and all entry documented.  Building security after hours is also in need of proper security control.  The approach is to find a system that works in one building and use it as standard format for the others. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:40 P.M.  The next University Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled March 19, 2003

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