Subject: University Driving Permits - Temporary Permits
From: David Shearer
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:08:20 -0700
To: "Distribution, ABCD" , NMSU postings ,


Due to reoccurring questions on this matter, this is a review of the restrictions for the issuance of a temporary permit to drive a university vehicle. These restrictions have been in effect for over five years. Supporting details are provided in a February 27, 1998 memorandum.  This memo was posted on the EH&S website in 2001.  A revised Vehicle Use Procedure has been recently approved by Administrative Council which maintains these restrictions.

A temporary university driving permit can be issued by Environmental Health & Safety to a university employee (employees only) to allow them perform their required duties which involve driving for the interim until the Defensive Driving Course can be completed.
The intent of the temporary permit is to allow employees to perform their required duties which involve driving.  However, a temporary permit will not be issued for the purpose of transporting employees or students, such as driving to conferences or other off campus activities involving the transport of others.

To obtain a temporary, the department should register the employee online via the following link.  A temporary permit will be sent by campus mail within 5 working days of successful review of the employees driving record.  We prefer that you register online and we send the permit by mail, so we have time to verify your driving record.

The current defensive driving class schedule, registration, and other details are posted at

EH&S Website -
Affected departments should print and post this information for future reference.

Thank you.

David Shearer
Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety