Subject: CPR & First Aid Classes available during summer 2005
From: dshearer
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 15:19:59 -0600
To: NMSU postings ,, "Distribution, ABCD"

Announcement:    CPR & First Aid Training for Summer 2005 

EH&S is pleased to announce the CPR classes for the summer, one per month.  Also there is will be a First Aid Class on June 7.  Interested parties should register in advance to ensure the classes are held and seating is available.

NMSU Police instructors will present the classes as follows:

The classes will be in the new EH&S training facility in Academic Research Unit C, Rm. 110, at 1620 Standley Drive (see map on EH&S Website) 

Class description, schedule and registration are given on the NMSU EH&S website at

REGISTRATION - Please register via the Safety website at the
On-line registration form

POSTING - Departments are requested to print and post this announcement for employee information.

Thank you.
David Shearer, Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety 646-3327