Subject: Periodic Driver License Validation
From: Bea Pacheco, Environmental Health & Safety,
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 13:41:50 -0600
To: "NMSU"

June 30, 2005

TO:              ABCD Distribution
FROM:        Katrina Doolittle, Director, Environmental Health & Safety

SUBJECT:   Periodic Driver License Validation

On May 31, 2005, the President’s Cabinet approved periodic license verification (every three years) for individuals authorized to drive NMSU vehicles. We need your assistance to identify all individuals in your department who are authorized to drive university vehicles.  The individual must have a valid driver’s license, have taken a nationally approved defensive driving course and have a NMSU driving permit issued by Environmental Health & Safety.  In the past we only verified the license prior to issuing a NMSU driving permit.  For periodic license verification and to issue a new three year permit we will need current license information for everyone that must drive NMSU vehicles to perform their job duties.  After we have implemented the new license validation, the current permits will become invalid. 

Please assist us in completing the information on the attached form for all individuals within your department that need to drive university vehicles.  A hard copy of this request will be sent via campus mail or return a copy of the attached form to Environmental Health & Safety, MSC 3578.  If you have any questions, Bea Pacheco, Environmental Health & Safety will be glad to assist you.  Thank you

Attached:  Driver License Verification Form