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Date: August 15, 2007

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 MEMBERS PRESENT: Katrina Doolittle, David Shearer, Jaime Marrujo, Jose Gamon, Linda Perez, Jaime Chavez, Chris Pennise, Michael Abernethy and Richard Long

The regular Safety Committee Meeting in Academic Research Center Bldg C was called to order at 3:35 P.M. by Katrina Doolittle, Chair.

Minutes from April 4, 2007 were unanimously approved with the following correction: change date on minutes.

Katrina let members know that the minutes could be viewed on the EH&S website (http://safety.nmsu.edu) . She asked for approval to post minutes on the webpage prior to minutes being unanimously approved. She stated that the minutes were reviewed and approved by at least three individuals before posting. Katrina stated that the posting of minutes on the website is to keep the community informed of safety matters being discussed. A motion was made and seconded to post minutes on the website without prior approval of Safety Committee Members.


1. Update: Vehicles use on Campus Walkways (e.g. International Mall)
  1. Following the last meeting, Katrina sent a letter to Sr. Vice President Ben Woods describing the Committees concerns regarding pedestrian safety and vehicle traffic on the I-Mall. She stated that Mr. Woods arranged meetings with representatives from Facilities, Police and EH&S and he drafted a point paper which is currently out for comment (copy provided to University Safety Committee). She further noted that this proposed policy has been discussed at the recent Supervisors meeting for all of Sr. VP Woods' reporting areas.
  2. Katrina asked if there were any significant changes that anyone had seen regarding vehicles driving on campus walkways from the last meetings discussion. Chris Pennise observed that the golf carts are being driven recklessly and that she believes it is attributed to young individuals behind the wheel.
  3. Jaime Chavez stated that he had initially tried implementing that no vehicle should be allowed on sidewalks because it takes away from the peaceful and scholarly environment. Jaime also stated that he realizes there is no way to keep golf carts from the I-Mall, but he has observed white trucks parked on the I-Mall while the employee picks up refreshments.
  4. Jose Gamon stated that the white trucks from OFS will not be seen as much on the I-Mall, they have been asked to refrain from driving on walkways and turf areas for anything other than emergencies or dropping off heavy equipment.
  5. Jaime Chavez was asked if a golf cart could be impounded if it is being driven recklessly and Jaime stated that the driver would have to be arrested and jailed for them to be able to impound the vehicle. Jaime stated that under the reckless statute that states 'if you have a willful disregard for life or property' there will be an arrest and the individual will serve jail time.
  6. Katrina asked for comments from the committee regarding the draft. She will forward comments to Mr. Woods prior to review by Administrative Counsel.
  7. After much discussion on golf carts and the Draft Point Paper, Linda Perez made the motion to make training and a permit mandatory for everyone operating a golf cart and to change the wording in the draft policy from recklessly to carelessly driving. Jaime Marrujo seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


1. All Hazardous Emergency Operations Plan

  1. Katrina stated that the last meeting David Shearer, Jose Gamon and Jaime Marrujo volunteered to rewrite the Emergency Preparedness section of the Policy Manual. This was superseded by the effort under the NM Governors Task Force that Stephen Lopez of the Police Department was part of this summer. The outcome of the Task Force was an update of the NMSU All Hazardous Emergency Operations Plan. Although the plan has not been signed by President Martin, it has been reviewed by ICT, University Communications, Fire Dept, EH&S and Police Department. The August 14, 2007 plan is posted on the emergency management page on the NMSU Safety Website
  2. Katrina briefly gave an overview of the 2007 Fall NMSU Safety and Security Initiatives and distributed copies. It will be sent via hotline, ABC&D distribution, and posted on safety website.

2. Workers Injury Report

  1. Katrina distributed a copy of the workers injury report for the 2nd quarter identifying types of employee injury, department, days of lost time and days of restricted work duty.
  2. Michael Abernethy asked what the departments do with the report. Jose Gamon stated that OFS has staff meetings to discuss the findings. Katrina also presented the report during the Supervisor's meeting for all of Sr. VP Woods' areas.
3. EPA Inspections
  1. Katrina stated that 5 inspectors from NM Environment Department (NMED) hazardous waste division and the EPA had been on campus and inspected 16 different areas. Their focus was the hazardous waste generation areas. She stated that campus areas looked good with a few minor exceptions where potential violations were identified. EH&S will work with those departments to correct the problem(s) and respond in writing to NMED before they issue their final notice to NMSU.

4. Department of Homeland Security Proposed Rule on Chemical Facilities

  1. David Shearer stated that Department of Homeland Security proposed regulations which would require all businesses in the US to screen their chemical inventory for security purposes. He also stated that Campus Safety Health & Environment Management Association (CSHEMA) coordinated efforts that resulted in about five thousand comment letters issuing concerns regarding the proposed rule. At this time, the detailed list of chemicals and quantities in Appendix A  that will require a business to perform the 'top screen' has not been finalized. Katrina estimated it would take 3000 hours to complete the top screen based on the number of chemical inventory locations on record for NMSU.
  2. Linda Perez asked about the use of iodine in NMSU laboratories because it is listed as a controlled substance. Linda spoke to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) after the Safety Committee Meeting and contacted Katrina to let her know that the DEA affirmed that as long as NMSU is purchasing and using iodine in small quantities for teaching or research it does not need to be registered.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.

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