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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee
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October 9, 2007

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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Michael Abernethy, Angela Arvizo, Nancy Baptiste, Katrina Doolittle, Jose Gamon,  Mary Jaspers, Larry Olsen, Stephanie Roybal,  Darrell Smith, Mike O’Larey, David Pearse, Hugo Vilchis, Jeff Witte, Lori McKee  

New Members: Wanda Eastman (replacing Larry Creider), Donna Alder (for Carmen Gonzales), Lorin Gobble (replacing Susan Grotevant), Rene Yoder (replacing Agustin Diaz)

Members Absent:  Nellie Quezada-Aragon, John Balog, Teresa Brobeck, Teresa Burgin, Leigh DeRoos , Angela Throneberry, Joe Palmer,  Karl Hill, Esperanza Villanueva Joyce, Larry Olsen, Teresa Brobeck, Benjamin Diven, Gladys DeNecochea, Larry Creider, Ruben Torrez, Dario Silva, Julie Weber 

Guest:  Larry Dominguez, NMDA

The meeting began at 3:06 PM.

  1. K. Doolittle noted that there were no new CoOP submitted since the last meeting, but several of those areas have not had full representation on the committee but will in the future and the plans will follow.  Those areas still needing CoOplans are Business and Finance, Human Resources Benefits and Services, the Provost Office, University Communications, and Purchasing & Risk Management. 
  1. New members introduced were Wanda Eastman – Faculty Senate, Donna Alder (for Carmen Gonzales)- Provost Office, Lori Gobble – Business & Finance,  Rene Yoder -  Human Resources
  1. Work Group update; L. McKee stated that Finance Work group has received cost estimates on disposable PPE from M. Jaspers and M. O’Larey and asked everyone to submit a cost estimate. Katrina reminded that the EH&S cost estimate was sent out to all the committee as an example but should be included in the list being generated for requesting funds.  She reminded everyone to base their estimate for N-95 respirators consumption on changing respirators every two hours.  She also declared that the cost of facial tissues, alcohol hand sanitizer, and spray disinfect is deemed an eligible office expense under NMSU business policy.  L. Gobble will check to determine if that change was effected.  Previous business representative had assured L. McKee this change would be instituted.   
  1. L. McKee noted that the Health Centers have received influenza vaccine.  There is a $20.00 fee for vaccinations at NMSU but the Dept of Health will provide free flu vaccination clinics for the greater community.  Flu vaccination was at one time covered by NMSU insurance, but is no longer covered.
  1. K. Doolittle asked for comments and suggestions on a previously distributed MS Powerpoint presentation on communicable disease preparedness.  There were no comments or suggestions other than the one received from Teresa Bergin last meeting which was to add the emergency management web url.  Human Resources and the Faculty Senate will help facilitate presentation of the training through their channels.
  1. K. Doolittle briefed the group on the revised overarching NMSU Preparedness Plan and the significance to the CDPC because this group has been instrumental in implementing emergency planning tools that will be used for all types of hazard preparedness plans, including lines of succession and communication streams.  The preparedness policy now requires all departments to develop continuity of operations plans with these components to ensure that mission critical functions are restored quickly in a major emergency or long term event - such as an influenza pandemic. The NM Governors task force on campus safety following the Virginia Tech tragedy developed emergency planning recommendations for higher education institutions to which we have responded.  This is in line with other what other states and universities are doing.
  1. K. Doolittle described the new Occupational Health and Safety Program developed for  all animal users and handlers on campus which  includes a training component on animal diseases that can be communicable to humans.  
  1. J. Witte said a tabletop exercise based on a local outbreak of a disease among livestock is planned to test the response capabilities of the local groups and would be well suited for the CDPC’s membership.  There was agreement that such an exercise could be performed during the spring semester.   He then showed a video on the UK response to the 2001 foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) outbreak and talked about the more recent occurrence which had improved response and shorter quarantine period.  He said we may very well fight this same type of disaster someday.  He said that while there is a vaccine against FMDV, it is not obvious which strain of the virus is involved, and even if the appropriate vaccine is administered there is no way to distinguish between vaccine-induced antibody titers from that induced by an outbreak.   A synthetic vaccine is in development that may provide a way to distinguish between vaccine-induced and circulating virus titers.  The presentation was graphic and sobering.  The statement was made that if we can handle a FMDV outbreak, we can handle anything. 
The next CDPC meeting will be December 11, 2007 at 3:00 PM and Lori will chair.  

The meeting adjourned at 3:55PM. 

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