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(ABCD announcement - July 8, 2008)

Nationally one in every three victims of sexual assault reported to law
enforcement is under the age of 12; additionally, one in seven is under the
age of six.  These statistics are astounding.  The need for a children's
defense program in Las Cruces is immeasurable.

The NMSU Police Department will be teaching the nationally recognized
radKIDS program designed "to provide educational opportunities for children
and parents, concerning awareness and self defense strategies, instilling
confidence and reducing the possibility of adverse physical control and /or

What is radKIDS?  radKIDS is a safety educational program which
provides children with foundational, realistic, life saving options to help
them recognize, avoid, resist, and, if necessary, escape the cycle of
violence in their lives.  All radKIDS learn three vital paradigms of safety:

1. No one has the right to hurt them.
2. They do not have the right to hurt anyone else, but they do have the
    right to physically resist in order to escape violence and or harm.
3. If they are hurt or tricked, it is not their fault and they can and should tell.

The program teaches ideas such as how to use 911, stranger danger, recognize
good vs. bad touches, home safety, risk reduction, school safety (to include
dealing with a bully) and personal self-defense.   To further learn about
the program you may visit www.radKIDS.org

 Upcoming classes are scheduled for the following dates:
July 14-18th for children 5-7 years of age and July 28-August 1st for
children 8-11 years of age from 3 PM- 5 PM      

If you would like more information on the local program or to register a
child, call the police department at 646-3424 or e-mail amfranci@nmsu.edu.

Amanda K. Bowen
Special Events and
Crime Prevention Coordinator
P.O. Box 30001 MSC 3187
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505)646-6346 fax

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