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Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee
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October 14, 2008

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 Meeting Summary (pdf)

Members Present: Anne Hubbell, Katrina Doolittle, Teresa Burgin, Connie DeBlieck, John Balog, Mike O’Larey, Randey Bamford, Ida Baca, Michael Abernethy, Amy Collins,  Nancy Baptiste, Sara Miller, Alfred Valdez

 Members Absent: Joe Plamer; Lori McKee; Benjamin Diven; Leigh DeRoos; Darrell Smith; Stephen Lopez;  Jeff Witte; Angela Arvizo;   Hugo Vilchis;  Manuela  Quezada-Aragon; Carmen Gonzales; Dario Silva; Julie Weber; Rene Yoder; Maureen Howard; Lorin Gobble; Tammy Anthony; Ronald Fisher; Mary Simmons.

 The meeting began at 4:08 PM.

1)     K. Doolittle thanked everyone for attending.

2)      K. Doolittle reviewed the roster of 69 attendees of the Agricultural Disease Outbreak tabletop exercise on August 29, 2008 and provided copy for those unable to attend tabletop for reference.  Action items from the exercise include;

a.       Engage College of Agriculture in planning for disease

b.      Dead animal surveillance

c.       Lou Bender, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, offered to do spatial and temporal plotting of surveillance data acquired throughout the state.

d.      Feral cat program: foodstuffs placed throughout campus attract unintended carnivorous species that may pose a risk to campus animal population.  A risk assessment was suggested.

e.       Dissemination of planning from senior administration (CART) to departments was found to be going well. 

f.        In a pandemic crisis, academic operations will cease for the duration of a declared emergency or a crisis situation.

There were no other comments offered on the tabletop exercise.

3)   Draft HR Policy on Defining Key Personnel

  1. Anne Hubbel asked whose signature should be on the requested copy of the COoP?  K. Doolittle said Deans and Vice Presidents are requested so that they can coordinate departments within their area of responsibility.  Department Heads should communicate content of CoOP with essential staff  in order to facilitate exchange of information within their operational unit and between other operational units where dependencies exists

  2. K. Doolittle suggested the policy should be re-named “HR Practices during a University State of Emergency” noting that interim president Cruzado has directed that plans be defined prior to an emergency.

  3. R. Yoder incorporated suggestions provided at the last CDPC meeting, but the policy remains a “draft”.

  4. A. Hubble said that everything mentioned appears to be adequately addressed, especially the section that delineates compensation.

  5. K. Doolittle described the policy review process as follows;

    1. D’Anne Stuart Ž Jennifer TaylorŽ ACAP Ž Administrative CouncilŽ Policy Manual

    2. She then said the COoP identified essential personnel and that HR should maintain a list essential personnel and include an essential personnel designation in the position description (conversation with R. Yoder following meeting).

    3. T. Bergin asked if essential personnel are defined by position or named person?

    4. K. Doolittle responded that the designation can be situation-dependent and the draft policy describes flexibility in making these designations, however, some positions will be pre-defined by the nature of their job.  Each Department CoOP will define essential functions and identify specific personnel and contact information annually.  (conversation with R. Yoder following meeting).

    5. It is not known whether Departments or HR will track essential personnel. A. Hubble suggested this question be forwarded to R. Yoder for her interpretation (see above post meeting clarification)

    6. There was no action on the draft HR policy other than requests for clarification.  Action to accept or modify was postponed until next meeting

4) K. Doolittle said that NMSU is in the process of implementing a new system, “Aggie Alert”, for emergency notification and cell phone numbers, along with email, texting and pagers can be used for notifications. 

5) Seven revised and signed CoOP (plans) were submitted:

  1. DACC- Health & Public Services Division- signed by Dean David R. Pearse

  2. Myrna’s Children’s Village – signed by Interim Dean Robert Rhodes

  3.  Speech and Hearing Center – signed by Dean Michael Morehead

  4.  International Programs – signed by Dean Everett Egginton

  5.  Information & Communication Technologies – signed by CIO Shaun Cooper

  6.  Intercollegiate Athletics- reviewed by Director McKinley Boston

  7.  Environmental Health & Safety – reviewed by Sr.VP Benjamin Woods

The meeting adjourned at 4:33PM

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