Subject: CDPC July summary & next meeting- August 29 @ 8:00 am
From: Katrina Doolittle
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 14:04:29 -0600
To: CDPC committee

Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee

July 8, 2008 Meeting Summary

Members Present: Anne Hubbell Katrina Doolittle, Tammy Anthony, , John Balog, , Angela Arvizo, Benjamin Diven, Mike O’Larey, Esperanza Villanueva Joyce, Jeff. Witte

Members Absent: Michael Abernethy, Manuela Quezada-Aragon, Teresa Brobeck, Billy Dictson, Maureen Howard, Teresa Burgin, Leigh DeRoos, Lorin Gobble, Stephanie Roybal, Carmen Gonzales, David Pearce, Joe Palmer, Karl Hill, Stephen Lopez ,Teresa Brobeck, Nancy Baptiste, Rene Yoder, Mary Jaspers, Darrell Smith, Ruben Torrez, Julie Weber, Hugo Vilchis.  Note: Susan Grotevant is retired and no longer on the committee.

 New Members and Alternates: Joe Pfeiffer, Alt Faculty Senate, Mary Simmons, Health and Social Services, Alt Connie DeBlieck, Dept of Nursing, Chris Beardsley Alt Campus Dining

The meeting began at 3:08 PM.

1.      K. Doolittle thanked everyone for attending and welcomed new members and alternates attending the meeting for the first time.

2.      J. Witte announced that pending approval by the President a tabletop exercise of emergency response to an animal disease outbreak affecting livestock on campus (and possibly staff and students) was scheduled for August 29, 2008 (confirmed date).  The MS Powerpoint presentation will reveal components of the outbreak scenario prompting a response from the leadership of the affected campus entities.  The exercise is slated to last approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.  The NM DOH, and Livestock Board along with the CAHE were consulted and the Dean and College administrative staff will be on campus during the exercise.  Independent evaluators will be on hand to compare the actual response to their emergency response plans.  As the goal is to exercise the emergency plan, the details of the scenario will not be revealed prior to the tabletop date.  K. Doolittle will notify persons who are likely to involved, i.e., CART.

3.      K. Doolittle said R. Yoder has not yet modified the draft HR policy documents on Essential personnel, and State of Emergency.  She hopes to have the modified documents distributed for the August meeting.  K. Doolittle will send the first draft of the policy documents to J. Pfeiffer.

4.      K. Doolittle said no new COoP documents have been submitted and there remain 4 units who have yet to submit plans.   All are reminded to update COoP at least annually and upon personnel changes.  K. Doolittle noted the signature lines requiring approval by a Senior VP or Dean is intended to inform and promote communication of interdependencies to senior administrators.  

5.      K. Doolittle motioned for a vote of the committee on her proposal to present a summary of the CDPC planning efforts at the September 2008 Administrative Council meeting.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

6.      K. Doolittle noted that OF&S needs to appoint a representative to the CDPC

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday August 12, 2008 at 3:00PM in the EH&S training facility.

The meeting adjourned at 3:31PM

 Reminder: The August CDPC meeting will be the Disease TABLETOP -  August 29 from 8:00am - noon.