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Product recall: Tektronix Oscilloscope Battery Recall Notice (Oct 30, 2007)

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Tektronix Oscilloscopes

Battery Recall

Tektronix have issued a product safety notice (dated October 5, 2007) notifying owners of the Tektronic TDS3000 or TDS3000B Series oscilloscope of the risk of a fire when using the TDS3BATB battery.

They indicated that they have identified the source of the failure and redesign the battery pack with 3 new safety features to prevent any such failure from occurring in the future.

They note the following

  • A full recall and replacement is in effect for all TDS3BATB battery packs.
  • The recall does not include the TDS3BAT battery or any TDS3000 or TDS3000B Series oscilloscope.
  • Affected owners should remove the TDS3BATB battery and not used the oscilloscope with the TDS3BATB battery
  • The TDS3000 or TDS3000B oscilloscope can be operated without the battery when connected to AC power.
  • Full details on the recall and the Return Material Authorization for the TDS3BATB battery are on their website at

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